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Comment Re: Linus on Grsecurity (Score 1) 474

The only people who like git are trend chasing hipsters (like JavaScript "programmers") who have never used other systems. Professionals, on the other hand, prefer Mercurial or one of the numerous other DVCS and VCS that exist.

If only this were true. But it's not. It's my perspective that most programmers who adopt the usage of any version control tend to stick with the first one they learn. After that, they become loyal to that package, even if it dies off, they cling to the known quantity.

Well, I started with Rational ClearCase and use git now; in between I used (in no particular order) VSS, PVCS, CVSNT (+TortoiseCVS), and TFS. git is my preferred system of all of those, solving every shortcoming I personally experienced.

I doubt your assertion holds for programmers who moved from file-locking "checkout-and-edit" based systems to an "update-and-merge" paradigm. The latter is so much easier. By the end of my use of VSS, I was basically doing that anyway with one directory containing the source-controlled copy, and another directory containing the copy I actually worked on, and just merging back and forth as necessary.

Comment Re:What's a Laptop? (Score 1) 456

Someone could take the book, whack the flight crew over the head with it, and take over the plane! We must ban all books immediately!

Or worse, if a terrorist took an explosive and a book on a plane, he could use the explosive to ignite the book, and then he'd have a flaming book that he could use to light other things on fire!

Comment Re: Insurance (Score 2) 456

My understanding from minimally following this, is that they're concerned about the explosive being held up against the wall of the plane, where an explosion could damage the structure. In the center of the cabin, the amount of explosive you could fit in a laptop wouldn't be so dangerous. So if your bombtop is checked, you don't know if setting it off would damage the plane, and odds are low of anything catastrophic happening.

That's the thinking, anyway. Although setting off any kind of explosive in a crowded plane cabin, or in multiple plane cabins, would still have some kind of effect, one would think. Certainly psychological.

But this just further goes to show that the combination of the wide availability of soft targets (including infrastructure and crowded public places), the woeful ineffectiveness of the TSA, and the complete lack of any realistic terrorist attack since 9/11 only highlights how miniscule the threat of terrorism really is. More people die in the US from car accidents per day (on average) than did on 9/11.

Comment Re:Confused...I got my daughter a G4 play for Xmas (Score 1) 55

I got the same phone last fall for $124 (not from Amazon). It's definitely fast enough for anything I need (I don't play games). The "killer app" for this phone is that Motorola includes a built-in gesture that shrinks the whole screen down enough to be used with one hand. That was what sold me on it, but other noteworthy features include:
-microSD card slot
-user-replaceable battery
-2 days of use per charge (average)
-regular headphone jack

It's the perfect phone for me.

Comment Re:if we learned anything in the past (Score 1) 364

but I can't see anything good coming out of the current situation

The potential good is that speech is more free and harder to censor. Sure, there are downsides to that, in the occasions when you do have a legitimate reason to clamp down on something; but in general the dangers to the public of over-censoring are greater than under-censoring. At least if individual liberty and human rights are your priorities.

Comment Re:Colberts' 1st Amendment rights (Score 1) 520

How is this Insightful? I don't have my Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments handy, but this is classic strawman, isn't it? The FCC is investigating Colbert because they received numerous complaints about his having said something obscene. Every other late night host makes fun of Trump every night, and they don't get investigated.

Come on.

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