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Comment Re:Seveneves (Score 1) 259

by Neal Stephenson. And maybe Expanse #5 -- erm, Nemesis Games.

I started Seveneves a week or two ago, and am maybe 25% through. It's the first Stephenson I've read (I know, I know) and is quite good. So far, highly recommended. I was hooked by the first line:

The moon blew up without warning and for no apparent reason.

Read the first chapter here.

Submission + - NASA has proposed building an artificial magnetosphere for Mars. (phys.org)

Baron_Yam writes: Apparently it is no longer necessarily science fiction to consider terraforming the red planet in a human lifetime.

  NASA scientists have proposed putting a magnetic shield at the Mars L1 Lagrange Point, diverting sufficient solar wind that the Martian atmosphere would thicken and heat the planet to the point of melting the ice caps and causing what remains of Martian water to pool on the surface. While not enough of a change to allow walking around without a space suit, this would make human exploration of the planet a much easier task.

Submission + - Blame Uber for Taking Hellbanning to a New Level. But Not for Inventing It. 2

theodp writes: With its widely-denounced "Greyball" tool, Uber was able to effectively give The Sixth Sense treatment to its pests, including law enforcement. Quincy Larson observes that "Greyball" is Uber's evil-software-genius take on Hellbanning (Wikipedia definition), a deceptive practice that has been called "the cruelest punishment of them all" to mete out on unsuspecting users, although variations on the practice have reportedly been embraced by some of tech's most admired. Like Hacker News, a go-to place for future Travis Kalanick's, whose use of Hellbanning was noted by but drew no real criticism from Pando or TechCrunch. Or Reddit. Or Twitter — in 2013 and 2017. Or Craigslist. So, blame Uber for taking Hellbanning to a whole new level, but not for inventing it or being the only one who used it.

Comment Re:Guess what Elon has never seen (Score 1) 231

We get hail storms, tornadoes, heat waves, flooding, and blizzards here.

In $DEITY's name, where the hell do you live? WHY are you still living there?

That describes a huge portion of the central USA and Canada. I live in Chicago, we get all of that. When I lived in LA we had earthquakes, mudslides, fires, riots, kale shortages, etc. In Florida it was hurricanes, flooding, lightning storms, and elderly drivers. Every place has its disasters.

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