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Comment Re:Please don't... (Score 1) 495

Wait, you use the headphone jack for desktop speakers? That better be for the optical out else you deserve no respect...

USB audio is already common enough that anyone using their MBP at home would be able to plug in with no problems. USB audio is in fact superior to both analog and optical.

Comment Re:Surprised I'm still alive! (Score 0) 527

It's not the teeth you idiot, it's our large energy-sucking brain and our digestive system.

Our brain was able to grow because we started to cook food, which allows more nutrients to be taken up from the same amount of food. As we optimized out digestive systems as compared to other primates we lost the ability to produce a lot of important stuff that cooked meat now provides us with.

Comment Re:scapegoat much? (Score 2) 110

The guy is 62 years old, near retirement.

Most likely there's been agreements made behind closed doors between VW and US prosecutors; they guy gets some kind of deal that involves him not ever going to jail, he also gets some kind of 'severance/pension' thing for his part in this theater.

A 'guilty' person has been found, what VW did wrong... or the story they agreed on... is now in the legal system and VW will be made to pay their (pre-arranged) dues. And _EVERYONE_ is now happy and the air will be cleaner.

Comment Re:U.S. Corporations need to pay U.S. taxes. (Score 5, Insightful) 302

One of the most fucked up parts of being an U.S. citizen is that even if you work, live, breath on foreign soil you still need to report everything to the US tax office.

Basically the only country in the world that will keep fucking you over even after you try to leave it behind for ever. Glad I'm not a 'citizen'.

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