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Comment Re:This ex-Swatch guy doesn't have a clue (Score 2) 389

Uhh, Tesla *is* hurting Porsche sales.

You think people buy Porsches for the 0-60 or handling!? Maybe 1 in 20 (at least, that's the number of Porsches I've seen not putting along at 5mph under the speed limit, riding the brakes around every corner, and nearly all were old 90's Porsches).

Comment Is there really that much involved besides looks? (Score 3, Insightful) 389

I can't imagine the differences in any Swatch watches from the past 15 years is anything but external. I imagine they're mostly a watch face theme company, if not, then engineering was failing. But, external design isn't going to go completely away, unless they make ugly rectangles with ugly bands like all of the current smart watches (besides the Motorola 360). These first gen smart watches *can't* be as good as it gets. Put micro batteries in the bands and blow everyone away in terms of thickness. Add functionality to the bands (would love control on the band (swipe or whatever) in addition screen since my finger isn't transparent). I'd prefer a much smaller screen than what's available.

Comment Re:RAID (Score 1) 76

Actually, I'm surprised they don't have 5G in that speed list. Both broadcom and aquantia support 1/2.5/5/10g. And, cat5e can do 5g and 10g in shorter runs, and not many people need 100m. I don't see the point of having 2.5G be the standard for wired when 802.11c can do over that (which is why we need something wired beyond 1G). For a desktop standard, I would rather have a full multi speed 10g chip that gives me the fastest possible with my cable, that gives a speed and reliability benefit over wireless.

Comment Re:RAID (Score 1) 76

Which makes me think it's an Aquantia PHY, since Aquantia and Broadcom are the only ones with known silicon that supports 2.5g, 5g, and 10g. But from Aquantia's current products, they're still at a 28nm process, which makes me think it's not integrated. Mystery company, Intel built a PHY out of nowhere, or Aquantia supports a 14nm process and haven't announced it yet (usually, announcements like that are simultaneous).

Comment Re:RAID (Score 1) 76

As far as I know, nobody has a 10G phy at 14nm at this time. Intels current 10G ethernet PHYs come from Aquantia: http://www.lestina.com/media/p...

Their current offering is still at 28nm. None of the *very very few* 10G ethernet phy competitors have anything close.

It would have to be a mystery company they were getting this IP from, especially considering the 2.5G Ethernet rate support. Only Aquantia and Broadcom support this right now.

Comment Re:Jewellery Obsolescence (Score 2) 450

If you think a $10k piece of Jewelry is an investment, unless you plan on melting down the gold when prices are high or it's a collectors, then you are most likely not the type of person that could afford one. The friendly man behind the counter at the pawn shop can help explain the intricacies of jewelry pricing to you, and laugh when you claim "but I paid xxx!!!".

Comment Re:The moan of sour grapes (Score 2, Insightful) 450

What's the point of a Rolex? They're absolutely obsolete, unless you're going for some strange fashion statement involving sporadic announcements of "it's a Rolex". If you are rich, then it'll be impressive as a pair of blue jeans for the rest of us. But, if you want a modern smart watch that you can dress up with, where the Rolex used to go, then you're choices are limited to exactly one. There's an absolute gaping void in the market that they're putting *something* into. What's the problem with that? Why does that involve a "soul"?

Comment Re:No more ports! (Score 1) 450

Bluetooth was horribly implemented by most devices and use cases. 8 device limit (although, I've rarely seen anything that supports pairing with more than one), wasn't really usable as a data connection for iPhone since that required jumping through certifications hoops, many Android implementations were broken, and not much that has Bluetooth goes beyond audio.

It could have been cool, but broken software stacks meant that nothing but the most basic profiles worked reliably and making something interesting meant it wouldn't work in the field. This whole iBeacon thing being anything but trivial makes me shutter at the lack of creativity for Bluetooth devices in the last decade.

Maybe things will get better with 4.1.

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