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Comment Two different things (Score 3, Interesting) 409

There seem to be two points in the article and summary. The one that makes sense is that the slowness of the merger is murdering Sun's business. The other is that the slowness is causing people to leave. I doubt the latter is true. People do not want to work for Oracle, fast merge or slow merge.

Comment Re:I've recently started playing EVE (Score 1) 89

Huh, did you join the goons or their subsidiaries or something? (somethingawful regulars). I've been in a number of corps and no one expects me to help them build their ship, or steals stuff. Most money-making enterprises are beneficial for everyone involved, and there are plenty of basic things you can do to secure guild assets.

Comment Re:i'm in the beta (Score 1) 212

This metallic ape speaks the truth. It looks beautiful, and does so even on non-top-end machines. (So no AoC ridiculousness.) It has a few neat gimmicks (wings, somewhat less stupid pvp, amazing customization.)

But it is, at root, the same game as WoW, EQ2, LOTRO, etc. It's a very polished, fun version, but don't expect it to change the game, shake up the boxes, or think outside any paradigmotrons.

Comment What about marriages? (Score 4, Insightful) 141

Problem is, and all jokes about single engineers aside, that means the spouse has to find something viable in that location as well. Some professions are pretty portable, others aren't. But it's not just about where you can lure a single person.

Plus, if you lose your job, suddenly you're in Toledo where there's not that many other companies. At least in the Bay Area, you know you have multiple options to switch to should you want to. Without having to sell your house which no one wants or needs to buy. (Admittedly this is a chicken-and-egg problem; if enough companies move to Toledo or wherever, this goes away.)

Comment Re:Decentralization? (Score 1) 431

So what you're describing is essentially a world where instead of going to work and having The Mainframe that you work on, there's actually a plethora of Mainframes out there, some specialized to different tasks, some competing with others in doing a task better. You can pick and choose the ones that work best for you. With, of course, the option of running it on your reasonably powerful personal computer if that's the easiest way.

Seems like we're actually approaching a reasonable balance in the server vs client swing, rather than swinging back to another extreme.

(In case it isn't clear, I basically agree with you and think it's pretty cool.)

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