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Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 347

so far hasn't done anything irreversible.

I think the first victims have been farmers who can't bring in their crops. Just the people who voted for him in California's central valley and wherever else we depend on guest workers. I don't see citizens lining up to pick those crops. The small family farmers, what's left of them, will feel this worse, the large corporate ones have the lawyers necessary to help them break the rules and truck people in from South of the border.

The second group of victims will be the ones who need health care that doesn't come from a big company. It's a lot more difficult to start a small business when there is no affordable way to get health care. And that is the case for my own small business - I'd be in bad shape if my wife left the University. I think that's the real goal - to keep people from leaving employment in larger companies and going off on their own.

Comment Re:So... (Score 4, Interesting) 347

Donald Trump, unfortunately, satisfies a common desire among the populance to right things by means that won't actually right them. It's a desire to rid Washington of inaction by cleaning it out of the current folks who don't seem to get anything done: and then you find that the things they were working on are harder than you understood. It's the feeling that you can get things going right by having a manager who lights a fire under the responsible people: just the way that bank managers pressured employees to increase revenue or be fired until those employees started opening accounts fraudulently for customers who hadn't asked for them.

What I am having a hard time with is how our country gets back out of this. I fear Humpty has had such a great fall that there is no peaceful recovery.

Comment Interact Model One (Score 1) 857

Saved up the $500 from my first summer job after my freshman year in high school in '80. Just looked it up on and learned more than I knew. Installed the RS232 card by unplugging the 8080, plugging it into the card, and plugging the card into the empty processor socket. Game controllers were direction and an analog knob at the top of the stick. BASIC was a little like the CoCo, especially the graphics (x,y,color,something...or was it x,y,fg,bg?), but different enough to find it painful to convert. I think it overheated due to the very solid metal box the mainboard was contained in. Was forgotten when family for a ][e in '83. WHEE!!!

Comment Discrimination City (Score 5, Interesting) 155

I have to staff exhibit booths a few times a year. I absolutely hate that applicants treat it as a modeling job and send me their photos. My wife hates it too :-) .

I ask that they be capable of standing for 8 hours per day for three days straight, and that they be well dressed, well groomed, and personable. I will always hire the smart ones (you'd be surprised how many folks with a Masters or Ph.D. are looking for weekend work), and they rarely are the model folks.

I started putting "NO PHOTOS" in my ads a while back. I am thinking of asking folks to use a first initial and not indicate their gender, just to see what happens.

Comment Re:This is why BLOBs are a bad idea (Score 3, Informative) 154

If they don't use BLOBs, wouldn't that just mean the vulnerabilities are baked into silicon?

Your device generally includes some sort of CPU, which is usually programmed in C. It might also include a gate-array program, which is written in verilog or VHDL. Backdoors and bugs live in both of these things.

Comment No Prototype (Score 3, Interesting) 163

The important thing to know about this company is that there is no prototype yet. The news is that they are "Working with FAA", but given that they don't actually have an airplane,

even one worthy of the "Experimental" designation, there hardly seems a point in working with the FAA.

We'll get electric aircraft eventually. I suspect not from these folks, and we might have to wait a bit longer for the battery technology.

Comment This is why BLOBs are a bad idea (Score 2, Insightful) 154

Many driver manufacturers insist on providing BLOBs (binary loadable object files) for drivers to load into their devices, or they have the firmware stored in their devices. What we can't see probably has security errors that we can't fix, but as this shows, the bad guys can find them.

Your system already has backdoors like this. In drivers that load BLOBs and devices that run proprietary firmware, and in the Intel Management Engine.

Comment Was a crime or a tort committed? (Score 4, Insightful) 421

I haven't figured out what law yet, but I get the feeling that blocking all functionality of a customer's electronic device out of spite, and specifically a device for access control to a dwelling, might not have been a legal act. There might be penalties under civil or criminal law.

I'd cut more slack for an Open Source developer who simply refused to help the user because of abusive language, since that developer isn't being paid and the user didn't pay anyone for the software or service. But to lock out a paid customer...

Comment Mistitled, misdirected, and mistaken (Score 0) 146

Not all liberals are against nuclear power, and given that coal seems to be the conservative sweetheart at the moment it doesn't make much sense to blame liberals for this.

All of that said, there's really only one remaining reason to build a nuclear plant today rather than put up wind or solar power. And that's water desalination. It needs lots of power to work. Other than that, centralized power generation is dumb when it can be decentralized without high cost or poor environmental impact, and when solar and wind end up being less expensive than their nuclear equivalent and power storage seems to be becoming practical.

Comment Re:So I will earn $20,000 more a year now right... (Score 1) 352

Or your job will move overseas. If your employer can get the necessary work done overseas (and this depends on the enterprise), your employer can pay even lower salaries there than if the workers came to live here.

So, this may drive your employer to consider exporting the jobs rather than paying more for US citizens.

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