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Comment Re:wtf? (Score 1) 394

Reading the text you quote, it seems 'no root' is the problem here.

actually 'no root' is a solution :-) no adequate IT support would the problem there! :)

anyway, i'm not at all comfortable with having public servant's communication dependent on skype. granted, i can't quite wrap my head around the idea of using proprietary software for any public matter, it simply fails to comply with the most basic accountability requirements. money should go into developing open source communication software and providing open infrastructure instead of paying licenses to corporations for uncontrollable software.

Comment Re:Free alternatives? (Score 2) 90

There don't seem to be very many good free alternatives other than microsoft's default package.

at risk of stating the obvious ... er ... linux? :)

I've wondered if it's possible for me to make my own security system, but I've never given it a good amount of thought.

it's possible. it's also hard. start giving it some good amount of thought and stop making yourself a target by using the 'default package'. it will be easier from there ...

Comment Re:It's the big problem with space games (Score 1) 96

Depends what you're trying to do. It works for the developer of Eve, CCP Games. It works for the players who have fun and get goods when and where they need them.

please feel free to see my other reply:

In fact, I wager you don't have any actual experience with a market since otherwise you wouldn't make such a dumb claim.

dunno what you mean with "actual experience with a market". if you mean i lack a degree in some pseudoscience then yes.

Comment Re:It's the big problem with space games (Score 1) 96

I'm not really sure what you mean

sort of a pun. free markets don't actually exist, it's a fallacy. all
markets are controlled in subtle (and not so subtle) ways.

because of that there's no real balance, inequality inevitably grows
and they need a periodical correction or even 'reset' which is usualy
a rather violent event. in that sense i say "they don't work", and the
"invisible hand" idea is just delusion.

I'm not sure how you can claim that the notion of the invisible hand
doesn't work in games when there's a particularly good example of it
working well. I can't think of any game I've played that as an
entirely AI-driven economy that's come anywhere close to creating the
same kind of experience you can get from EVE.

eve's economy is not completely player driven. basic resources are
always available and affordable regardless of player actions, thus
speculative behaviour has no effect at all on the system, which is
closely monitored and corrections introduced as necessary, even
automatically. as a simulation it's not even a valid metaphor, just a
spinning wheel with players jumping on an off. every time a player
quits billions of isk just vanish, but the wheel just keeps
spinning. probably just a handfull players were there from the start
and all their actions become even more irrelevant. prices of some
items go up and down. so what? that's not a model for an economy, it's
more like an animated aquarium. not that i don't like it, i do play
eve, but it's just a game.

Comment Re:How much is an AG these days? (Score 2) 256

That's why there's a role for lobbyists, but of course there's tonnes of room to improve how the system works (who gets access, etc.).

there would be a role for 'expert groups', given these were transparent enough to guarantee neutrality, and given their expertise is confirmed by peers.

free roaming lobbies could be useful too but only if you make sure that that their prominence is proportional to social demand, not the money they can hand out. then again lobbies would be of course targeting voters and the media instead of congressmen, but this at least would be more transparent.

anyway, i fully agree: the fundamental issue is close monitoring of politicians. the fact that this so obvious and necessary feature isn't implemented already just means it's not wanted at all.

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