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Comment Re:Conveniently forgetting the details (Score 1) 929

Um, Egypt and many of it's citizens have fairly good relations with Israel because they realise Hamas, an offshoot of the Islamic Brotherhood is Egypt's biggest terrorist threat

I wish (as an Israeli) that was true.

Truth is, only the Egyptian government feels that way. The Egyptian people, by large, hate Israel, dislike their corrupt government, and are kinda cool with the the Islamic Brotherhood.

Comment Re:Shooting bombs? No bombs trigger when shot? (Score 1) 929

No, but it explains why they weren't given a vote in the UN at that time.

Nothing in the comment you were replying to tries to justify massacres and expulsions. That's just you being hysterical and off-topic.

Btw, the claim that Palestinians are Jordanians/Syrians (never heard the Lebanese idea) was originally made by the Arabs. If the Arab coalition won the 1948 war, there would be no Palestine - it was meant to be a part of Jordan (and before that, Syria).

Comment Re:Shooting bombs? No bombs trigger when shot? (Score 0, Troll) 929

As a result, Jewish terrorists frequently attached the British authorities in Palestine. When an exhausted Britain pulled out of Palestine

That what some former Etzel members like to claim. The Arabs, who had their own axe to grind with the Brits, of course claim that they drove the British out and that the Jews were British accomplices. In this case, I'm afraid that the Arabs are right. The Jewish resistance against the British was puny in comparison to the Arabs'.

the Jewish terrorists became militias that massacred and expelled Palestinians. These groups then went on to declare the existence of the state of Israel.

And that's what happens if you get all of your information from jewwatch. Actually, what happened is that the UN approved a plan that divided the land between the Jews and Arabs, the Jews agreed, but the Arabs decided to start a war and try and get all of the land to themselves. During that war, there were massacres and attempts of ethnic cleansing on both sides, but the Israelis had the nerve to win.

This is despite the fact that it was founded on racially motivated genocide against Palestinians

When did Israel ever engage in a systematic attempt to kill all Palestinians? And if they did, don't you think they'd be done by now?

You must think that throwing around words like "genocide" and comparing Israelis to the Nazis makes your point stronger, but it just makes you look like a hysterical moron.

Comment Re:Conveniently forgetting the details (Score 1) 929

An American should seriously fear for their life there unless they know the ins and outs of that culture. God forbid you slip up and accidentally order a pepperoni pizza (my mother was ousted from the building) or stand in front of a muslim en route to prayer (my brother was picked up and thrown headfirst into a barrel of fish).

Dude, wtf. When was Ben Gurion Airport bombed? Certainly not in the past 20 years I've been here. And I order pepperoni pizza all the time. And "muslim en route to a prayer"? Unless he's a violent psycho (you have those in every culture), there's no reason why he should bother you.

Comment Re:Conveniently forgetting the details (Score 1) 929

Exactly what Israel call disputed is unclear

Unclear to you - because you're obviously ignorant on the subject.

There's a very clear border - the green line, after which the Israeli law doesn't apply. That area is not part of Israel, and most Israelis, except for some right wing extremists, don't want it ever becoming a part of Israel.

As for the "Berlin Wall" or the other crap you're spouting - I don't feel like educating you about the basic facts of this conflict. Read a little about it, doesn't even matter if it's from a pro- or anti-Israeli perspective. But now you're just bullshitting.

And it's not just because I disagree with you. If you knew the real reason why Israel isn't willing to annex the territories (because it doesn't want to undermine its Jewish majority), you'd have a lot more venom to spew than the incoherent crap you have now.

When Israel are whining over firework from Gaza landing in Sderot, pretending they are V2s, they never mention that Sderot is occupied palestinian territory outside the recogniced borders of Israel

Sderot is not a settlement, and it's well within the Green Line, just like Ashdod and Ashkelon. So you learned two new things today, ok?

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