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Comment Re:50% dumber. (Score 1) 495

And lapland has a population density of only 2 people per square km, what's your point?

a large part of the finnish population lives in the south, but the north has the exact same phone contracts.

Although they might not have 4G coverage there ;D

Comment Re:sword vs polearm (Score 1) 469

a katana is just a basic, light bastard sword with only 1 cutting edge.

Especially in old times, they were made of pisspoor iron, since japan had such limited resources.

Katana's where status symbols, not combat weapons, even the nobles mostly used bows and spears in combat

Comment Re:Rock & A Hard Place (Score 1) 564

Both of you are wrong, finland has a much lower average wage, and there is minimum wages, they are just based on sector and agreed upon in negotiations.

14 euro's would be a decent average wage.
low level entry stuff at fastfood places or cleaning has a minimum wage of around 7.30 per hour(lowest minimum wage sector)

the gov. would interfere if they would think companies would be abusing the freedom to set minimum wages.

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