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Comment Putinbots abound (Score 3, Insightful) 232

Everyone -- note that this article is being spammed hard by "Anonymous Cowards" sprouting pro-Putin and pro-Trump talking points.

Adjust your skepticism accordingly. They're rattled -- there's been a strong uptick in Putinbot activity in the last few days, which makes me wonder if pro-Western forces are getting closer to the truth on Kremlingate.

In the absence of Slashdot waking up to themselves and getting rid of "Anonymous Coward", you'll have to wade through a lot of Putinbot spam in the meantime.

Comment Re:Wouldn't it be justice if... (Score 0) 70

Laughable Putinbot talking points.

"Russia is our friend". Putinbot bullshit.
Obama sledg. Putinbot bullshit.
"Russophobia" "scary Russians". Putinbot bullshit.
(Childish reference to Nineteen Eighty Four). Putinbot BULLSHIT.

We are wise to Putinbot shill bullshit.

We are wise to Russia's lies and divide-and-conquer tactics and sleaze. We are sick of being attacked and undermined by the kleptofascists, and we will not stand for it.

Go away, troll.

Comment Re:Wouldn't it be justice if... (Score 0, Flamebait) 70

You're a fucking idiot. Russia is being run by an unreconstructed fascist hell bent on writing himself into the history books, damn the consequences to the world or Russia itself.

Let's put it this way: how do you think the world would feel, if the Germans celebrated an annual holiday for the SS and Gestapo, as Russia celebrates the crimes of the Cheka, NKVD and KGB each year??

Russia, as of 2017, is a menace to the free world.

Comment Re:the ass in dumbass (Score 0) 469

You got me at "Ukrainian democracy", lol.

If you Russians are so fucking wonderful, why is your economy smaller than Italy's?

That's right -- your country is so unreformably shit and backwards, that you've given up, and now, in a fit of racist anti-Western rage, you have to tear us down to make your rotten system look better than yours.

Well -- newsflash -- we're onto your hacking and subversion and your political games. You won't win. The West will smack you down, again and again, until you learn your lesson, and join the civilized world. If that takes large-scale war, then so be it. We defeated Hitler, we'll defeat Putin too.

Comment Re:the ass in dumbass (Score 1) 469

We didn't promise you jack shit. Nothing was written.

Countries near Russia joined NATO and the West because they were sick of Russia's imperialism, exploitation and corruption.

The "encirclement" narrative is bullshit. When WW3 starts, it's not coming from Poland, it's coming at you at Mach 20 over the North Pole, or over the Internet. 2D maps and bullshit Russian lies about being "encircled" make no sense when the battlefield is 3D, in outer space, information, cyber etc.

Russia likes to pretend it's a great power, equal to the United States. It's actually a corrupt, hollow shell of a country with an economy smaller than Italy's. Putin's vain, arrogant demand that Russia be treated as an "equal" to the United States is riscible garbage, which is rightly regarded with distain and ridicule in Western policy circles.

Comment Re:the ass in dumbass (Score 1) 469

Nobody really believes that riscible Russian bullshit.

Yanukovic was about to sign an EU association agreement. Putin had an autistic freakout and decided to go full on the attack against the EU, and threatened Yanukovic to drop the association agreement. THAT was what prompted the street-level explosion -- the people wanted European norms, not Russian-style lawnessness and corruption.

Putin LOATHES the EU, because it's a threat of a good example. It's the dream of something better than squalid corruption and legal nihilism. That's why according to Putin, the EU has to die, and why human shit like Le Pen and Farage, who'll sell out to the highest bidder, also hate the EU; because they're paid by Russia to sabotage it.

Comment Re:Look no further than (Score 1) 186

Because _they_ understand what information warfare is, and have done so for years?

The West is only now starting to wake up -- because the _Russians_ have just taught us how devastatingly effective a tool it is for convincing populations to act against their own interests. The Russians had a BIG hand in Brexit.. tools of mass propaganda and influence are devastating in the wrong hands.

We need to defend ourselves. We cannot let our open societies by attacked and subverted by corrupt dictators like Putin's Russia. It's increasingly clear that we need to defend ourselves in the information realm.

Comment Re:Punishment for BREXIT. (Score 1) 186

You've been played -- big time.

Have you thought about whose interests, empty slogans like "TAKE BACK CONTROL", and dog-whistle racism benefits?

Yes, this country is overflowing with idiots, and the oligarchs (British, American AND Russian) are laughing all the way to the bank.

These same idiots don't see that it was partially a Russian power-play to attack the EU, which it resents for what it sees as muscling in on its traditional "sphere of influence" (countries who got sick of being raped to death, figuratively and literally, by the Russians, and fled to the West at the first opportunity). Russia has a long memory and is out to get us. Why do you think they were cheering and toasting when the Brexit vote came through?? Because they are about what's good for Britain??

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