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Comment Re: Kaspersky (Score 0) 102

God DAMNIT you neckbeards are so full of shit.

I'd waste my time trying to spell out the fact that the CIA are a thin blue line against the dictators and terrorists of the world; but no, you'd just stick your fingers in your stupid, clueless years, and then beg Putin for a reacharound.

Fucking neckbeards, and "techno-libertarian" Putin-loving tech bros disgust me.

Comment It was alright (Score 1) 100

There were a few non-answers there -- can't expect most people to go on the record saying "we don't know yet" or similar.

OTOH, some of those answers in the AMA were excellent and really interesting. Like what he had to say about the metallurgy required to build the oxygen turbopumps for Raptor (which is REVOLUTIONARY in itself; the US didn't manage to do this throughout the Cold War whereas the Russians did); or the aerodynamics of the BFS.

Comment A beatup (Score 1) 271

How is this any different from kiddie porn?

In many countries, you can go to jail for looking at or possessing child pornography.

So we're saying that even though terrorists are at least as bad as nonces, that Islamist snuff videos shouldn't be treated in the same way as child pornography.

What am I missing here?

Comment Re:even if no collusion (Score 1) 232

Wow, STRAIGHT out of Putin troll central casting. You're not even trying to hide the fact that you don't have an original thought in your head, and just regurgitate the Chekist/mafia party line.

We are infinitely better than your corrupt, dysfunctional shithole. We don't even have to say it, we just know it.

You, however, have to keep repeating this ridiculous fantasy that the West is just as bad as your sad, broken, dysfunctional shithole of a country; that our leaders are as bad as the filthy murdering degenerate running yours; that our institutions are as hollowed out as yours (which you'll soon learn is WRONG, when American judicial institutions crush your shitty 2016 scam like an empty soda can); that our military is as weak as yours (which, again, you'll learn when we stomp your incompetent, ill-equipped conscript arses).

You are a sad waste of a good education, your country is a shithole, and your entire world view is a riscible, ridiculous lie.

It's telling what you consider a strong leader: a man who not only is a sad, incompetent crook like all the other leaders your dump of a country have been saddled with; but is a world-class murderer and sneak. You believe that somehow, that makes him a great man. What a sick, twisted place Russia must be

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