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Submission + - Was Megaupload bad for the creative industries? (

Ajehals writes: "Loz Kaye (Pirate Party Leader) and Frances Moore go head to head in the guardian over the impact of piracy on the creative industries.

"The industry is failing to deliver what customers want and in doing so turning people to other, easily accessible means to find what they do want. If the industry looked at pricing and made access to content easier it might well find that its revenues continue to grow and build a healthier relationship with consumers."

  "Today, the music industry is fighting back, and making the environment safe for creators and investors is more important than it ever was. We're licensing music widely to sites like iTunes, Spotify and Deezer. This growing digital music business is fantastic for artists and for consumers. Yet it can't survive in a market rigged by illegal piracy. Events such as the US Justice Department charging Megaupload are important developments – not just for the music industry, but for the whole creative economy.""


Submission + - Internet Blackout delivers serious blow to SOPA an (

An anonymous reader writes: Following the highly successful "Internet Blackout" Lamar Smith has issued a statement on the indefinite postponement of PIPA, which comes just days after the shelving of SOPA earlier in the week.

With both of these controversial bills now in a holding pattern, the community needs to turn it's attention to supporting new legislation which combats Internet piracy while preserving Internet freedoms, like the "OPEN Act".


Submission + - Hyperdemocracy anyone? 9

GoodNewsJimDotCom writes: Hyperdemocracy is a system where all the citizens of the country vote for the decisions of the country instead of having elected officials. Can someone make a site with encryption and security that could confirm users as unique citizens? Or is this impossible to do? I think if you made a site like this, you could make it go live, and use it to track to make sure Congress is doing what the people want. Finally in an unstable world as we have today, this hyperdemocracy might even be adopted by new regimes.

Submission + - Google Targets Amazon's 'Prime' With 1-Day Deliver (

An anonymous reader writes: Google is in talks to create a service that lets consumers pay a low fee to receive goods from online orders within a day—in a potential challenge to Amazon.

Submission + - Algorithm predicts which cars are most likely to r (

cylonlover writes: According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, for the year 2008, over 700 fatalities resulted from drivers running red lights at intersections across the United States. Approximately half of the people killed weren't the errant drivers themselves, but were other drivers, passengers or pedestrians who simply happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Scientists at MIT have developed a system that identifies cars likely to run the reds, so that the other drivers can be warned to stay out of their way.

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