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Comment Re:sometimes (Score 1) 736

The Midnight Commander progress meter is for me the standard by which all others are judged, and is on my Things of Serious Fucking Beauty list. For years it has put to shame the fluctuating WAG meter in Windows. You know it if the network or something starts suddenly slowing down your move/copy - the throughput readout doesn't lie.

Comment Re:China (Score 1) 288

On the whole, I would say no.

Building a reputation for quality is hard and restrictive. It restricts your ability to be lazy and make short term cash by ripping people off.

China can make high quality things right now. They just choose not to.

And though I feel it is crucial, I will leave the cultural differences between Germany/Japan and China unexplored so as not to incite a riot.

Comment Re:Well, that explains it (Score 2, Insightful) 288

Really? Sounds like a bit more than that to me:

"While NHTSA says it has no reports of injuries or deaths linked to a counterfeit device, in its testing the counterfeit bags had "consistent malfunctioning," ranging from not deploying on impact to throwing metal shards."

Feel free to install them in your car however and re-sell the genuine ones for a bit of quick cash.

Comment Re:That's TRULY insane (Score 2) 1113

My take is that he fully understands evolution and rejects it as a sophisticated ploy by Satan to trick us. I've met someone with this exact philosophy before and there was no reasoning with them on it. He too was an otherwise extremely intelligent person. Folks of that ilk have an impenetrable fall-back position from 'Satan did it' - it must be that God is testing us. I quickly realized that the only winning move was not to play.

Seems relevant somehow to also mention the really smart and rather wealthy guy who once told me that environmentalism was a waste of time because Jesus was going to come before things fall apart. How I wish I was making that up.

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