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Comment Re:Voices from the Hellmouth (Score 1) 726

The Voices from the Hellmouth series seemed like one of the most important stories on /. as enabled the masses of readers to express their own experiences of being bullied or treated by others within school. It seemed to be one of the first articles about us rather than about some technology or company.

Recall that this story was from back in '99, way before being in IT/computers was cool or mainstream.

The Los Vegas shooting has me concerned. Now normal people well within the law can be targeted for undue surveillance, cause you never know...

Comment (Score 1) 726

My one and only accepted story submission turned out to be the launch article for

My little piece of Slashdot history .... otherwise, my comments have been consistently useless for 20 years now.

LOL, I'm there as well. My one and only accepted story submission was of a local dam that was leaking, this dam was upstream of the Hanford Nuclear reservation.

Now well meaning yet useless post are all I have.

Comment There's an unstrung cannon. (Score 1) 2

Amber Rudd: viewers of online terrorist material face 15 years in jail ...

The government will ban the sale of acids to anyone under the age of 18, Home Secretary Amber Rudd has said.

Home Sec Amber Rudd: Yeah, I don't understand encryption. So what? ...

Comment Everybody is failing -Los Vegas shooting (Score 1) 320

Swamped by trying to be relevant with rumors alone.

CNN once reported the gunman fired so many bullets they set off the smoke detector which pin pointed his location. I never heard another report of the smoke detector.
Searching it one gets 230K results today, down from 800K yesterday. las vegas shooting smoke detectors =

Submission + - HPE misunderstood "Open Source"?

bbsguru writes: So, opening your code for review because it is demanded by a potential customer? What could possibly go wrong? HPE may find out, and the US Military is among the many clients depending on the answer.

Comment Re:How many times (Score 1) 156

How many times will Microsoft try (and fail) to make a successful phone before they give up and admit that they suck at making phones?

They've had about 10 different phone projects in the last few years and they've ALL failed miserably.

Yet they still get $5+ for every cell phone sold

Comment Re:We need to expand net neutrality (Score 2) 143

To all Cell towers - make all towers neutral infrastructure, true "unlimited", no slowing, no shaping, no tiers, no caps, no massive customer wallet raping.
When a "speed" is sold, that speed is "absolute, rock-bottom minimum" 24x7x52 not "up to".
Any signs of tampering by the ISPs or backbone carriers will ensue a minimum 50k fine

I read the Net Neutrality paper rule when it was released. Edge servers can throttle network traffic. Better known as BGP's

Submission + - Laser light forges graphene into the third dimension (

Big Hairy Ian writes: The wonder material graphene gets many of its handy quirks from the fact that it exists in two dimensions, as a sheet of carbon only one atom thick. But to actually make use of it in practical applications, it usually needs to be converted into a 3D form. Now, researchers have developed a new and relatively simple way to do just that, using lasers to "forge" a three-dimensional pyramid out of graphene.

This isn't the first time graphene has been given an extra dimension. In 2015, researchers from the University of Illinois molded graphene into 3D structures by layering it onto shaped substrates, and early this year MIT scientists found that tubes of the stuff could be shaped into 3D coral-like structures 10 times stronger than steel but just five percent as dense. Rice University researchers have also recently made graphene foam and reinforced it with carbon nanotubes.

But this new technique, developed by researchers in Finland and Taiwan, might be an easier and faster method to make 3D graphene. By focusing a laser onto a fine point on a 2D graphene lattice, the graphene at that spot is irradiated and bulges outwards. A variety of three-dimensional shapes can be made by writing patterns with the laser spot, with the height of the shape controlled by adjusting the irradiation dose at each particular point

Submission + - Hugh Hefner, Who Built Playboy Empire and Embodied It, Dies at 91 (

Justin Baker writes: Hugh Hefner, who created Playboy magazine and spun it into a media and entertainment-industry giant — all the while, as its very public avatar, squiring attractive young women (and sometimes marrying them) well into his 80s — died Wednesday at his home, the Playboy Mansion near Beverly Hills, Calif. He was 91. New York Times Article

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