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Comment Re:Fish disks (Score 1) 467

Fred Fish! (Any Amiga owners from the '80's would recognize the reference.) He was, in fact, a real person. We were in the same division within Motorola Computer Group at one time, though I knew of him from the Amiga world well before I met him in person.

Yes, Fred Fish disk were eagerly awaited. He started collecting programs for his monthly Amiga meetings and it took off from there.

A glaring difference between an Amiga and a Beamer user, was a Beamer would always ask how much they owed you if you gave them a program.

Comment Re:Yes, it's hard to quit (Score 1) 245

It cost a bundle but my hobby, and I'd go back to those days in a heart beat but it's over.

I feel ya, really I do. Remember when the concept of entire international networks of computers being disabled by a government-funded, self-propagating, polymorphic computer virus was nothing more than hyperbolic science-fiction absurdity? Remember when we used to think to ourselves: "Yea, but in real life who would be stupid enough to hook software that insecure to an open public network?"

Oh, for the return of simpler times. We understood the technology so very well, but we understood people almost not at all.

While on the Amiga side during the "war", there was security through obscurity, I even hex edited the version number of the Cnet software so nobody knew what "exploit" could be used.

Yet yes it's a different time, I'm seeing Linux and the reported people connected to ones computer the only way of being sure your secure. More than one I'd consider a problem.

Comment Yes, it's hard to quit (Score 1) 245

I can't have what I had due to the Internet more so IRC.

I ran 3001 BBS (go figure), a 6 line chat board.

Cnet software on an Amiga 3000, a 6 port serial printer card, 6 2400 baud modems and a Robotics HST (1400 baud) which I allowed any one who wanted to log in for free, a donation gave more time forever (time was a commodity).

I ran it for close to 4 years 24/7, and it was the most popular BBS this area ever saw. Post I was going to the park and a few would show up, card games every weekend, it was a very nice time. People of all ages just wanted something to do, and I managed a few girl friends.

I could and did take my entire chat area and join up with any Cnet software in the world, this at 10 Cents a minutes for each phone line.

It cost a bundle but my hobby, and I'd go back to those days in a heart beat but it's over.

Comment These people don't get around much (Score 2) 95

Alaska, Bears will enter a bus to eat workers lunches.

Deer, suburbs are entering their area so they have to raid what they can till captured as someone will call about them.

Yellowstone, Bears have entered cars through windows forcing people to exit while it searches for food.

One doesn't feed or allow animals to find a source of food or they will make it a habit.

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