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Comment Re:Decentralized by design? (Score 1) 127

If I'm not mistaken, ARPA originally designed to internet to be decentralized by its nature, allowing for continued C&C in the event that a nuclear war took out our major telephone exchange nodes. Big ISP's then pretty much trashed that idea, and we're now in the same boat again, but with less urgency.

I beleive decentralized at the time meant many routes to the same address.

Comment Re:Why would anyone report to the FBI? (Score 1) 87

It's not like they are particularly trusted or trustworthy. And I've never even heard of the "Internet Crime Complaint Center" and that likely goes for most people. The average person would only contact the FBI if they expected that the FBI would have some chance of doing something about the bad guys, and I just don't see that happening.

Yep. I ran into a bit of scamware that would of used flash against me if not for many things (NX not enabled, Not being a 64bit system, and on).
Searching the number to of been called one finds many who complied with the scam top the list while scammers themselves follow. Google 1-844-667-1499 some reported it some didn't from their post and even then it was to the FTC or FCC.

Comment So a price is set for Mark Zuckerberg's head... (Score 1) 127

" "Everything has gone wrong. That's the thing, it's not about what will happen in the future it's about what's going on right now. We've centralized all of our data to a guy called Mark Zuckerberg, who's basically the biggest dictator in the world as he wasn't elected by anyone."

Comment one post, 30+ thanks (Score 3, Interesting) 153

I've posted one post to and every month I get 30+ thanks for it (all one e-mail).

It was how to get an Acer Switcher (tablet attached to keyboard) to work. You take off the bottom and disconnect the connection to the battery, reconnect and good to go.

Comment Re: Fuck Walmart (Score 1) 173

Amazon has to charge tax on any purchase that occurs in a state they have a business presence in. Now that Amazon has gone full-out on same day deliveries they pretty much have a warehouse in every major city or region. Thus we're all paying taxes regardless. It's not like it was 5 years ago when Amazon just had a few major warehouses and you could evade sales tax coming out of state.

Actually it was my first visit that turned me off to Amazon. It was my first stop for on-line shopping.
Checking out it said Washington state may charge tax soon and I would have to pay tax's on that item; and if Washington didn't they would just keep the extra.
I've never been back

Comment Re:Fuck Walmart (Score 1) 173

Don't you have to pay the same taxes when you buy at the nearby WalMarts?

Yes, but I purchase my computer parts from I've built three computer with them and many odds and ends.

While a glut of Walmarts my food store is called WinCo.

Walmarts have a problem with pricing, one item can be sold for different prices depending upon where you found it.
I took a photo of the lowest price for 6 pack of Pepsi and had to use it at the check out.

Comment Above the board access to Opiates (Score 1) 175

I'm in no way advocating this. The article I read explaining it all ended with his life becoming a nightmare that took much effort to escape.
So reference only.

Dried poppy heads with seeds can be purchased for floral arrangements. Made into a tea and total bliss till it bites you.
Google: dried poppy head for floral arrangements - Floral changed to flower for another batch of results

Comment interact with its fans on the internet (Score 1) 191

In the late 80's I posted a warning to Alt.Home.Repair about a Sears garbage disposal that's inner coating grew and would block it from running (short version)

Two months later Sears called (phone) to set things straight.

Note: In those days we could create a finger file (which I put my phone number in). If someone fingered me, they would get that finger file. E-mail addresses at the bottom of ones post custom. A different Internet.

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