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Comment Fidgets got it's maker nada (Score 4, Interesting) 110

"As the inventor of the original fidget spinner – the ubiquitous new toy that has quickly become a craze in playgrounds around the world – Catherine Hettinger should be enjoying the high life."

"Hettinger held the patent on finger spinners for eight years, but surrendered it in 2005 because she could not afford the $400 (£310) renewal fee."

Comment Re:As opposed to... (Score 2) 302

... Windows for Warships?

(Seriously, that exists)

Anyway: despite windows XP's age Microsoft will still actively support it for organizations willing to send them a boatload of money, and the rates only go up the more time passes. But when you're talking about the operating costs of a large warship, the cost for continued xp support is only a rounding error in the total.

I LOL'd We have an aircraft carrier running NT.
"The data contained a zero where it shouldn't have, and when the software attempted to divide by zero, a buffer overrun occurred – crashing the entire network and causing the ship to lose control of its propulsion

Comment Re:Lawyers injecting confusion and doubt (Score 1) 95

So instead of having a simple concise law that can be enforced! NO texting while driving. We now have a useless law that brings in carelessness and intent.

Person in this county got a lawyer to fight him riding a motorcycle without a helmet.
Lawyer got the court to admit it couldn't define what a proper helmet was and the law struck down till it came to a discession.

So one summer we all drove without helmets but carried them when we crossed county lines.

The court came back that fall that as long as it had a DOT sticker/label it was proper.

Comment Re: they fixed me. (Score 1) 328

20+ yrs ago - for a week my back hurt so bad I could hardly stand, riding a motorcycle a chore. I went to a chiropractor.
He put me sideways and tried to bend or bow my back. third try I farted and my back fell into place; hasn't been a problem since.

but I did take a skeptical look at the gadget with flashing LED's that he first ran over my body.

Comment Re:Decentralized by design? (Score 1) 127

If I'm not mistaken, ARPA originally designed to internet to be decentralized by its nature, allowing for continued C&C in the event that a nuclear war took out our major telephone exchange nodes. Big ISP's then pretty much trashed that idea, and we're now in the same boat again, but with less urgency.

I beleive decentralized at the time meant many routes to the same address.

Comment Re:Why would anyone report to the FBI? (Score 1) 87

It's not like they are particularly trusted or trustworthy. And I've never even heard of the "Internet Crime Complaint Center" and that likely goes for most people. The average person would only contact the FBI if they expected that the FBI would have some chance of doing something about the bad guys, and I just don't see that happening.

Yep. I ran into a bit of scamware that would of used flash against me if not for many things (NX not enabled, Not being a 64bit system, and on).
Searching the number to of been called one finds many who complied with the scam top the list while scammers themselves follow. Google 1-844-667-1499 some reported it some didn't from their post and even then it was to the FTC or FCC.

Comment So a price is set for Mark Zuckerberg's head... (Score 1) 127

" "Everything has gone wrong. That's the thing, it's not about what will happen in the future it's about what's going on right now. We've centralized all of our data to a guy called Mark Zuckerberg, who's basically the biggest dictator in the world as he wasn't elected by anyone."

Comment one post, 30+ thanks (Score 3, Interesting) 153

I've posted one post to and every month I get 30+ thanks for it (all one e-mail).

It was how to get an Acer Switcher (tablet attached to keyboard) to work. You take off the bottom and disconnect the connection to the battery, reconnect and good to go.

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