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Comment Re:Blame it on the rain! Conversion tools suck. (Score 1) 394

In "Labs" you can enable an option to import/export filters. I don't know if labels are re-created when you import the filters, or if you have to create the labels manually beforehand.

All that being said, migrating from GMail to Google Apps it's a little bit sucky, yes (I've done it myself), but probably less sucky than most migration scenarios. It is rather bothersome that they let you import mail from many free web services, but not from a GMail account...




Submission + - Microsoft announces Multi-Touch coffee table

An anonymous reader writes: MacScoop reports: "Microsoft announced its first device which uses the Multi-Touch technology also present in the iPhone. It's not a digital media player, it's not a mobile phone, it's neither a TabletPC, it's a coffee table!" An impressive video on demos the technology.

Submission + - Open or Low Cost Map Data

Zugla writes: "With google and yahoo's online maps becoming more powerful and easier to use and gps units with built in maps becoming the norm, users are beginning to expect maps and map data in all sorts of applications. I produce automatic market reports which are distributed via email in pdf form and I would like to include annotated maps showing comparable locations and other data. Because including these maps in a distributed (not free) report would be a form of republication, I do not believe I can use google (terms of service) or yahoo's (terms of service) offerings. Are there other sources of free or low cost map or map data?"
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Submission + - Avatars and their creators

Space_pingu writes: New Scientist has a cool gallery of people with their avatars. The images are taken from the 'Book Alter Ego: Avatars and Their Creators' and the narration is by the author Robbie Cooper, who spent years collecting his pictures. There are some interesting stories behind each avatar. Like the disabled boy who says Star Wars Galaxies has enabled him to meet people on his own term for the first time. Or the couple who begin each date by immersing themselves in the a virtual world.

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