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Comment Really Dr. Kok?? (Score 1) 22

'It's kind of like playing golf on the moon â" (the sand) goes really high and far compared to what it does on Earth. When it lands it can pick up really large speeds â" even with low wind speeds â" and splash a whole bunch of other particles to keep the process going,' Jasper Kok,

So.. Usually I'd think an object landing upon the ground would exchange some of its energy with the ground, thus reducing speed (relative to the ground). Apparently on Mars, when an object lands on the ground, it can pick up really large speeds (relative to the ground)?

    Does this dude work for the fringe division? I suppose I should RTFA before commenting.... not.

Comment Re:Facts! Don't talk to me about facts! (Score 3, Funny) 663

And no, pirates are not "stealing the profit from the lost sales".

But they are stealing the power over others that copyright holders have.

    And we all know the slippery slope: one day a copyright holder will be treated the same as your average working Joe! They might actually have to live similar lifestyles and work as hard as someone who lives paycheck to paycheck.

    So we really need to prevent copyright holders from loosing their power over others, otherwise they might have to put as much into society as they take out....

Comment Re:What happened to innocent ? (Score 1) 205

If the plaintiff fails to make a convincing case at any point in this sequence, then the patent is not infringed.

Additionally, if the plaintiff has only 10+ million dollars, going up against a billion+ dollar politically connected corporation, the plaintiff can be run into the ground by the legal team of the billion+ dollar corporation.

    A relative of mine was given the ultimatum: settle with us (a couple million to the corporation that violated their patents), or we will drag you through the courts until you are homeless and broke.

Comment Re:When I make Taco breathe hard... (Score 1) 963

Yeah. It's not solar influx.

    It's (climate change) due to the fact that the density of the interstellar medium is much greater than in the past, resulting in a compressed heliosphere, creating a greenhouse effect within the heliosphere.

  The interstellar medium is going to become denser for a while, which will result in an even greater compression within the heliosphere, and even greater planetary warming.

    Of course you have your bandwagon "CO2 is the cause / heliosphere compression deniers". Yes, CO2 can cause greenhouse effects, but NO it does not cause them at nearly the rate that the compression of the heliosphere does.

    And guess what? We don't have accurate measurements of heliosphere compression to compare with- we can test CO2, so let's blame the effect of climate change (CO2-in the past, we definitely have something to do with the current spike) not the cause (heliosphere compression, which we don't have accurate records of).

Comment Re:Can't we detect something that size? (Score 1) 279

NASA tracks space debris the size of a golf ball, why didn't they see this?

Because it was not in a low-earth orbit, and space is kind of big.

I can't even see space. Pretty sure that means it's small, or maybe it's behind something big.

    Wow.. if space is big, and I give you the benefit of a doubt that it is, that means that whatever it's behind is humongous. You know, since we can't see it and all that. I don't know if you can see where this is going, but yo mama so big, she blockin' out space.

Comment Re:Recursion (Score 1) 95

Fortunately the universe is simulated on windo..... Wow, I didn't know the last thing I saw would be white writing on a blue background.

    In other news. I kind of doubt these muckabouts considered running the simulation with 4+ dimensional dark matter/energy.

          It's like they don't even know that non-3d matter cannot interact directly with 3d matter except through gravitation! Ric Romero reporting...

Comment Re:A transcript: (Score 1) 71

US: We send you a group of spies with Stuxnet virus on USB drives.
China: Virus was incompatible with our hardware and software, we caught your spies and keep them in prison forever.

I read that as:
US: We send you group of spies with Stuxnet on drives.
China: Virus incompatible with hardware, we caught spies and keep in prison forever.

    Wrong meme, know I. But somehow All Your Base sensor caught in article.

Comment Re:Lies (Score 1) 467

The meme of logic and rationality is thriving, but you will never truly know whether the experience of rationality and logic is anything more than a queer twist of energy in the ether, like all beliefs (including this one).

    Hell, I write mathematical formulas, do various artistic things with them, "know" how they work and are connected by certain axioms. I also "know" that this "knowledge" could simply feel true and connected, and be nothing more than a seemingly persistent twist in existence.

    It's interesting to see that some still feel that their thoughts, which are supported by other thoughts, and interconnected according to rules (which are thoughts), have some type of existence other than as thoughts. So "the" universe seems to have existed (from preexistence state, probably boot phase) for 14.5 billion years, based on thoughts that have arisen. Just a thought.....

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