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Journal Journal: Whiny People , the FCC, and the Media...blech :P

Quick! Someone call the Waaaambulance!!

I'm getting sick of all these whiny people bitching about the Super Bowl halftime show. It's a fucking titty! (not to be mistaken with a titty fucking). For christs sakes people, get over your self-righteous bad selves!! Little Billy will be just fine after seeing that, and if he isn't, I seriously doubt that seeing a boob was the reason he snapped.

Let me ask this question...aren't there MUCH bigger fish to fry than this?

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Journal Journal: The humor that is livejournal...

Although I'm guilty of having a livejournal, I have to say that some people on livejournal can be fucking whiny, to the point of insanity.

I came across this revelation from HERE. I swear to christ this is some hilarious shit they have there. Of course then again, I was always one to be easily amused by low brow humor =)

One of my favorite sections is the people that happen to be whining over the fact that some trolls (if you can even call them that) are adding people right and left, randomly. Of course, the fucksticks that are whining, despite the fact that they can either restrict their blog to friends only, or face the possibility that the ENTIRE Internet can see their public journal at any given time. *looks around*

Internet, mod this JE down to Score: -1, Flamebait


Journal Journal: Dateline: Samurai Sword Killer Avoids Jail Term

LONDON (Reuters) - A Samurai sword-wielding man who killed a British councilor who had intervened to rescue his MP boss escaped a life sentence on Thursday but was instead committed indefinitely to a secure hospital.

Robert Ashman, 52, was convicted in April of trying to kill Nigel Jones, the Liberal Democrat MP for the West Country town of Cheltenham, in an "explosion of violence" at his offices three years ago.

He also admitted the manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility of Jones' 39-year old assistant, Andrew Pennington, a local councilor who had leapt to the politician's aid.

Mrs Justice Heather Hallett said she had to follow the unanimous advice of psychiatrists that Ashman suffered from a delusional disorder.

She added that he would only be released in the future if the Home Secretary or a tribunal headed by a judge were satisfied that he no longer posed a risk to the public.

"I cannot foresee a time when you will be safely released into the community," she added.

Jones escaped after suffering serious injuries to his hands as he tried to fend off Ashman's two-foot-long sword. The attacker then turned on Pennington, stabbing him six times.


Ok, what other comments can i make besides "Damn?" I mean it's not everyday that someone decides to pretend he's in feudal Japan and go medieval or samurai on someones ass. *

OK seriously, does anyone really believe that he'll be cured enough to not go after people with sharp objects? After all, to quote Kung-Pow, "Killing is wrong. And bad. There should be a new, stronger word for killing. Like badwrong, or badong. Yes, killing is badong. From this moment, I will stand for the opposite of killing: gnodab."

Thank you and good night :D

* Chock full of stereotypes. Yes i apologize :P

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Journal Journal: Dateline: Man Cuts Off Own Penis to Cure Sex Addiction 1


This is a crude, but....effective method *groans while grasping himself* =-O

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German cut off his own penis with a kitchen knife to cure his addiction to sex, police in the southern town of Tiengen said on Friday.

"The man called a friend around eight o'clock to say he'd done something stupid," police said in a statement. He had been drinking vodka to pluck up courage for the amateur surgery.

Police arrived to discover the blood-soaked man, 41, in his apartment and his organ under the kitchen table. Emergency services rushed the man and his penis to a nearby hospital.

Police said the man did not want his penis to be reattached but were unable to say if doctors had complied with his wishes.

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Journal Journal: Yay!!!! My very first freak!!!! :D

I'm so stoked!!! I finally pissed someone off enough to be their foe! And i didn't even have to resort to trolling (speaking of which, WTF is up with those GNAA posts?) Anyway, it must mean I'm making a name for myself...or that my ego is over-inflated ;)

Role Playing (Games)

Journal Journal: Final Fantasy II (The Original, NOT FF4 :P)

I've been playing Final Fantasy 2 (courtesy of Final Fantasy Origins) and I realize that the one thing that already stands out is its leveling system. Unlike many other FF's where you fight, gain exp, fight, exp, gain level, rinse-repeat, you actually level up by the frequency of how often you use what spells, weapons, and their complimentary attributes. Naturally, to do it the "honest way", it would take practically forever to level up.

Amazingly, the PS version retained some of the "bugs" which makes leveling a breeze, one to note is leveling up your weapons/spells by selecting them, adn the target, and simply hit cancel and repeat 100 times. Another is to simply attack your own allies to increase their HP, and use excessive magic to increase MP. Not that i'm complaining (I like slaughtering Goblins and Hornets), but I wonder why they retained the select/cancel bug.

Oh well, off to Fynn I go...and this concludes another journal entry...over and out :)


Journal Journal: Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeee! 3

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!

Amazingly, this has been a good day thus far (of course, it's still morning here :P ) Anyway, I'm on my way to a job interview which I hope goes well. Plus, I'm on the verge of getting a nice dinner and a good buzz ;)

Oh yeah, and I'm 24 years ancient :P

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Journal Journal: Caution! Mindless Rant Ahead....

I just spent a whole day at school listening to a seminar going over the fundamentals of job hunting and interviewing (hurrah!! tell me something i dont already know!)

Who knows, maybe that may actually get me a real job instead of this cruddy warehouse job im in lol...

Just one of those days that makes ya go "why bother" i suppose

Oh and by the way, if i ever hear someone utter the phrase "Make it happen", i will see to it that their life span is shortened !!! :P

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Journal Journal: Any plans for the new years? 2

Anyone have any significant plans as far as kicking off the new years go?

Knowing me, I'll probably go out somewhere and go get blitzed like a lush mofo, then come back home in time to see another special with Dick Clark ringing in the New Years (although I suspect they're using the same Dick Clark footage they did in the 1970's :P)

So please, for the love of God, do something more interesting than me!!! ;) Oh and have yourselves a Happy New Years :D


Journal Journal: Ahhhh Turkey Day's comin up....

Yep, it's that time of year again, its Turkey Day! :D I could go on and on about what I/You/We/They are gonna feast on this holiday, but I'm bored with that :P LOL

Nah, I'm more curious about what anyone will be DOING during the festivities (personally, i'll probably be taping the Game Show Network marathons, playign StarCraft [hey, my computer's old :P] and nibbling on the food [i mean HELPING make the food!] :)

Let the SPAM begin ;)

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Journal Journal: Something...

here i sit on slashdot writing some inane banter, while looking for an entry-level computer networking position.

Go me.

Have fun ;)

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