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Comment Re:Want to guess why? (Score 1) 192

the old tractors would run on old motor oil too (that you could get for free at the corner garage or from your other equipment).

you could start them on a cup of gas, switch to running on oil, run on old oil all day and then that night use another cup of gas to clean up the plugs and carb. So two cups a day of "paid for" fuel.

moonshine is a little more valuable than gas so even with zero regulations, I think folks would just buy gas and drink/sell the shine

Comment Re:employee improvement plan (Score 1) 392

If someone gets put on a plan, their best advice is to do three things

1. financially/family prepare as if you're going to lose your job. Cut spending, pump up savings, etc.
2. job hunt like a mofo, in case the PiP doesn't work
3. (and this is important) - throw yourself into the PiP and do everything you can to lean in and improve. Even if you think it's worthless, unfair, even if you are sure you'll have another job in a week. Lean in and do your damndest to improve. this gives you the chance that you'll keep your existing job longer (perhaps indefinitely) and will give you massively better references in the future (two jobs from now)

3 is the hardest step, but really important

Comment Re:Good for Australia (Score 1) 600

wait, you're being suckered! you said this "... and we already have a free trade agreement with China, although China still has too many tariffs."

your "trading partner" shouldn't have tariff's on your exports to them if you have free trade!!! you've bought it. do you tarrif Chinese imports?

sounds like most US trade deals. we take their stuff into the US free, but they tarrif and badger our guys so we can't export to them on equal terms

Comment Re:Total Trip Time (Score 1) 202

aviation isn't cheap, but it can be more reasonable than people think.

a good 172 can be had for under 50K

Fixed expenses are the worst (hangar, insurance, annual maintenance) so the best way is 3-4 way partnership, this dilutes the cost to purchase and the fixed monthly/annual costs pretty significantly.

Comment Re:Don't think it'll happen (Score 1) 1368

..." you'll do pretty much anything to get food..."

except work? Seriously, every business has a help wanted sign out front. Getting food, for someone wiling to work in the US is not a problem.

housing is tougher, as are other "things" but food is so cheap that it's easy to find a job that'll feed you

Comment Re:Total Trip Time (Score 1) 202

yes, you both are knocking on the door of private aircraft being advantageous.

Figure in a slow plane:
10 minutes to your local, small airport
10 minutes to preflight and take off
Travel at 105 kts direct (2.5 hours for the guy 250 miles from Dallas)
15 minutes to land, tie down

Call all of the above a little over 3 hours, but you got to choose when the 3 hours was (ie, if you're done early or a little later, no big deal, you're not meeting a scheduled flight)

No TSA, no "schedule", and no waiting for luggage. There are other disadvantages, but it's anice tool to have in addition to driving or taking an air carrier.

Comment Re:A Master Password.... (Score 1) 234

what were the results when you popped it in the debugger on the last update? Anything interesting? I'm trying to decide on a pass manager because i'm not going to let FB take over, and sites are idiotic with their various rules/etc.

could sites at least tell you what the password rules are ON THE LOGIN SCREEN so that I can determine which password I likely used?

Comment Why not just reduce service days? (Score 1) 156

I never understood the need to get, and pay for, door to door mail service 6 days a week. I'd happily keep door to door mail service (mailing a letter from my home to someone across the country for roughly 50 cents is pretty great).

As less and less comes through the mail, why not keep up the nice service, but make it like the garbage? They work 5-6 days a week, the post office could be open 6 days a week, but they only come to any given house once or twice a week. that way, you could have far less fuel, mail carriers, etc, you could still drop mail in a streetside mailbox or a post office if you wanted it to get picked up faster, but you'd only have your incoming mail dropped off 1-2 x per week.

this seems like a HUGE savings, that wouldn't really slow mail down that much, as the sorting and long distance trucking could keep going 6 days a week. You'd take out most of the cost, while taking out perhaps 10% of the utility.

you could also choose to have higher service for businesses (either every address in a certain district gets more frequent service) or that any address can choose to pay extra ($20/month?) for "daily" pickup/dropoff service and everyone else can choose to go to the 1-2x per week.

Comment Re:Except for FAA regulations (Score 1) 156

agreed, we have a community mailbox at the end of the street and it's super convenient. since it's locked up tight, we tend to get the mail every couple of days and don't worrya bout stopping mail if we're going to be out of town for the weekend.

they also have a secure "outgoing" mail slot so you don't have to leave outgoing mail on your porch/in your unsecured mailbox.

Comment Re: Fuck No! (Score 1) 216

I'd actually love to see that info.

and the west coast kind of is the mountains...

seattle to the cascades is 15 minutes in the plane, that seems awful close. maybe in NC you aren't by mountains, but much of the west if you're not in them, you're close.

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