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Comment Re:Normal people don't care (Score 1) 160

In the US, the FCC has mandated that home owners associations & landlords *must* allow dishes. I have fought an HOA, and won.
Summary: https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/...

More to the point, why do you assume that you will even need a dish? The GPS in your phone is currently receiving signals from space. Existing Iridium cell phones have no dish. It's a fair guess that the Elon network would have at least as good technology.

Comment Re:likely to replace 50% of all *existing* human j (Score 1) 451


The coming development of horseless carriages will destroy the economy! Think of the stable boys, the feed mills, the blacksmiths, the buggy whip makers! Oh, the masses of people that will be on the streets in poverty!

And THIS time it's different, unlike every other technology innovation. Really- this time the sky IS falling!

Comment Another nailed landing (Score 5, Interesting) 65

The 1st stage landed at LZ1 again. I believe this was a new booster on this launch (as opposed to a "flight proven" stage).

These landing are becoming so routine that it's almost boring. Almost.

Also,the live feed this time around showed a ground based view of the first stage from launch, to separation, to boost back burn, to landing. Some very long stretches of single shots. Clear weather made for a very interesting perspective!

Comment Re:People like Musk need to do more homework (Score 1) 171

Perhaps there's another solution here. Today's traffic is mainly moving *people* around. Perhaps we can reduce/replace those trips.

The last one on your list is a good example: going to a movie. The vast majority of movies I see now are in my home. I don't go to the movie theater. Didn't even drive to a BlockBuster. No travel involved at all.

Other things are harder to replace, but we're getting there. With technology, having lunch or your shopping delivered is becoming a practical option- and there's a lot more delivery options for a small package than a car full of humans.

Comment Re:Congress playing with train set (Score 1) 115

Why should pizza shop have to also build & own a fleet of cars?

Let NASA make the cool new space probes, and get a lift up there from commercial rockets. Getting into obit is easy enough that multiple private companies can do it. The real science out there is hard and doesn't (yet) have commercial payback. That's NASA's niche.

Comment Re:Take your time (Score 1) 115

Rushing things was NOT the lesson to be learned from Challenger.
The lesson there was this: Listen to your engineers. If they say the air temp is outside of design limits, listen to them. Don't let middle managers overrule them.

The overall lesson of the Shuttle was this: Sporks designed by a committee look cool, but don't do any one job well.

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