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Comment So... (Score 1) 180

...either the city council are made to look foolish when it's found unconstitutional after many piles of city money are spent fighting in court.

Or, failing that, the "rich" move like 2 miles thataway into another city.

And what will the result be?

Loss of property tax income to the city of Seattle, as fewer high-rollers will want to live there, depressing prices of the highest-value properties.

I think it would be hilarious if the city had to cut funding for the indigent because of this.

Comment Re:bullshit (Score 1) 474

Really? Where are you?

NPR says about 11cents for MN average.
(ok that was 2011)

According to Xcel energy themselves:

Energy charge per kWh:
On-peak time
June through September $0.20077
October through May $0.16454
October through May with electric space heating $0.10912
Off-peak time:
All months $0.03015

Comment If... (Score 4, Informative) 223

If a drone can fly over the fence and drop tools to a prisoner, how intrinsically different is that than basically THROWING the tools over the fence?

Sure the drone is a lot more accurate, but heck of a lot noisier too.

I smell excuse-hunting here; this guy already escaped them once (how is it that every jackass with a DWI can get an ankle monitor, yet a prisoner IDENTIFIED as a successful escapee doesn't have one?). On the second escape, they're looking harder to CYA than to find him.

Comment Re:bullshit (Score 1) 474

No, but I do think it's entirely possible that the company that is building the panels is getting billions in subsidies, that equates to thousands per panel, sure. (Or other billions are being dumped into other firms that are part of the production chain upstream of your retail purchase.)

Don't think government would be that stupid? I do, particularly in pursuit of politically-motivated eco goals like: cash for clunkers, where the U.S.government spent $24000 per car to give people $4500 rebates - a half-billion dollar dunno into renewables for fuck-all result.

And before you go after the source of the information in the original item about subsidies, understand that the data came from the Washington organization quite a bit more credible than...well, you.

In your specific example, it's made in might further calculate the astonishingly low pay rates in China as a subsidy, knowing the Chinese government is more about keeping people employed than making a capitalist-style profit. Hell, Sunforce might be owned by the PLA as far as we know.

Comment bullshit (Score -1, Troll) 474

You cannot subsidize renewables at 400x other sources, and then claim they're "cheaper".

According to the WT, coal gets subsidies to the tune of about 50 cents per megawatt hour of production. Solar gets $230 per megawatt hour of production, or about 460x the subsidy.

That idea that renewables will be cheaper than coal is simply politically motivated bullshit.

Comment Re:Age of Consent (Score 1) 410

No, because the willingness of young people to do stupid crap and be easily led is useful to a country as military drones.

More logically, it should suggest that the voting age should be raised to 21 however. I'm sure we'll have the Clintons support on that one.

Comment PUBLICLY AVAILABLE data, people (Score 3, Informative) 343

"The letter, sent Wednesday to all 50 states, requests that all publicly available voter roll data be sent to the White House..."

They're asking for otherwise-PUBLICLY AVAILABLE information. They're not asking for secret stuff (why would the states have that anyway?).

Isn't it getting a little tiresome to misinterpret everything Trump does as malignantly as possible?

Comment They never learn (Score 1) 192

You'd think after Venezuela companies would learn that it's risky doing business in an area where a socialist government sees their earnings simply as a piggy-bank to be raided whenever their own shitty economic fallacies collapse? When the kleptocracy says "they have many billions, they won't miss a few" it's time to take your toys and go home.

Ultimately, such economies are going to have to face that either they play nice with the rest of the world, or the end result is that they're going to be shut out and have to depend on their local crappy replacements for the goods and services no longer available to them from better companies elsewhere in the world. Galileo: only 33 years after GPS! Quaero instead of Google. Nokia instead of iPhone or Samsung. Sailfish instead of Android? Enjoy.

Comment Re:Can't Blame Them (Score 1) 277

Well, actually it isn't hard to blame them.
First, it's a PHOTO SHARING site. So what precisely were people doing? Using it to host images.
Second, it ran for years (a decade?) hosting images FOR FREE.
Third, IIRC you have to provide an email to have an account, there is ZERO reason they couldn't send out ample, repeated warnings to people MONTHS in advance.

To all, there are a TON of other photosharing sites like imageshack, imgur, etc. Abandon shitty photobucket and their $ demand.

Comment Re:rule of law (Score 0) 214

So you believe that government agencies must follow the regulations they set out?

OK, just to make sure you're intellectually consistent and not simply a political hypocrite, could you please link your post where you made the same point when the Obama-era immigration officials simply decided to 'not enforce' a number of immigration laws on the books? That seemed like a rather arbitrary, political abandonment of regulation without your stated "public debate"?

Or when you posted against Mr Obama's rule-by-executive-order (which I don't recall having 'public comment, input, and published reasoning' periods) anytime in the latter 6 years of his presidency?

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