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Comment The"fall" and the Christian religion (Score 1) 176

All of Christian theology hangs on the fall of Eve and Adam and the world with it. Without this literal event nothing about New Testament theology makes any sense. That is why Creationism is very important. Jesus believed in the actual literal Genesis story and built his theology upon it. I personally don't understand how a Christian cannot believe in the literal Adam and Eve story and have a coherent belief .

(Disclaimer I don't believe it but I understand why they fight)

Submission + - White House to Shutter Petition Website (

Rick Schumann writes: The White House has said it will shut down the public petition website set up under the Obama administration, until next year when it can bring up a new, allegedly less-expensive version to serve the same purpose. Although the orginal concept of the petition site mandated that POTUS respond to any petition reaching at least 100,000 signatures, President Trump thusfar has not responded to any meeting this criteria since his inauguration, including petitions calling for his resignation and for him to surrender his tax returns. According to a White House press release, after the new petition site is up and running, all current petitions will be re-instated.

Submission + - 'There Will Be a [Senate] Vote' To Reinstate Net Neutrality, Schumer Says (

An anonymous reader writes: US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said he will force a vote on a bill that would reinstate the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules. Legislation to reverse the repeal "doesn’t need the support of the majority leader," Schumer said during a press conference Friday, according to The Hill. "We can bring it to the floor and force a vote. So, there will be a vote to repeal the rule that the FCC passed." The Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal its own net neutrality rules last week, and the repeal will take effect 60 days after it is published in the Federal Register. But Congress can overturn agency actions by invoking the Congressional Review Act (CRA), as it did earlier this year in order to eliminate consumer broadband privacy protections. A successful CRA vote in this case would invalidate the FCC's net neutrality repeal and prevent the FCC from issuing a similar repeal in the future. This would force the FCC to maintain the rules and the related classification of ISPs as common carriers under Title II of the Communications Act. A CRA vote lets Congress "undo regulations with a simple majority," without the possibility of a filibuster, as a Washington Post story said in February. Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) announced a plan to file the CRA resolution last week. "It's in our power to do that and that's the beauty of the CRA rule," Schumer said. "Sometimes we don't like them, when they used it to repeal some of the pro-environmental regulations, but now we can use the CRA to our benefit, and we intend to."

Comment At least in the immediate future... (Score 1) 232

Verizon indicates that, at least in the immediate future, it will not block legal content.

However later down the road.... well you know the common man forgets this stuff and then they can do what they want. Especially when ISPx impliments something they will have to stay competitive.

Just like the Tax Bill that sunsets Individual Tax breaks and keeps Corporate breaks in place - they are planning on people have short memories.

Submission + - Secret Link Uncovered Between Pure Math and Physics (

ClickOnThis writes: Mathematics has been called both the queen and the handmaiden of the sciences. While arguably it is not a science (it does not draw conclusions from experiments) there is no question that science finds it useful. But occasionally, that utility runs in the other direction. Minhyong Kim at the University of Oxford has been working on one possible example of this. His work on finding rational-number solutions to Diophantine equations has led him to explore the application of principles from theoretical physics, such as the Principle of Least Action with the goal of discovering and exploiting new symmetries. From the article:

Over the past decade Kim has described a very new way of looking for patterns in the seemingly patternless world of rational numbers. He’s described this method in papers and conference talks and passed it along to students who now carry on the work themselves. Yet he has always held something back. He has a vision that animates his ideas, one based not in the pure world of numbers, but in concepts borrowed from physics. To Kim, rational solutions [to Diophantine equations] are somehow like the trajectory of light.

If the connection sounds fantastical it’s because it is, even to mathematicians. And for that reason, Kim long kept it to himself. “I was hiding it because for many years I was somewhat embarrassed by the physics connection,” he said. “Number theorists are a pretty tough-minded group of people, and influences from physics sometimes make them more skeptical of the mathematics.”

Comment Is it just me but... (Score 5, Insightful) 228

I think wind turbines are beautiful machines.Highly engineered and efficient devices that (mostly) silently turn 24/7 generating power and displacing carbon producing sources contributing to human flourishing. They are a statement that says intelligent creatures live here.

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