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Comment Re:This was the last option, not the first (Score 0) 1197

I'd say it's that you don't understand the ability of protests to change public opinion. It's become a cargo cult. It wasn't the marching that made people come around to Dr. King's side in the Civil Rights Movement. It was the pictures of respectable looking black people in suits and dresses having dogs and fire hoses turned on them for the simple act of marching.

Among the things that brought people around to Trump's side was the pictures of average looking American voters being beaten in the streets by violent leftists and pictures of illegal Mexicans stomping on cop cars.

At what point do the look at the leftists holding the bloody faux-severed heads of your political opponents, mock stabbing them in Central Park plays, see the nut jobs shooting Congressmen on the baseball field, put two and two together and ask, "Oh...we're the baddies?"

Comment Re: Hate filled libtard (Score 1, Insightful) 1197

That's how it all starts. The idealized right wing is "free market capitalism." People have rights to property, and if you want someone else's property, you need to engage in a voluntary exchange for that property. On the far right you've got anarcho-capitalists, who think the state shouldn't even exist, and "taxation is theft." As a conservative, I sympathize with that, but as Madison said, "If men were angels, no government would be necessary." Unfortunately men are not angels. But since yes, taxation is forcibly taking your shit, and that's wrong, government becomes a necessary evil and so should be limited as much as possible. We're only going to take your shit for things we simply cannot provide any other way, like national defense, police, roads, etc. And even then we're going to feel bad about it.

In the leftist world view, though, the rich don't deserve their property. At the extreme left, property itself is illegitimate, but even the moderate lefties think the rich are evil, they "stole" all their shit, they need the shit, and so forcibly extracting wealth from people is not a necessary evil but a necessary good, and the more the better. And if the evil hated rich don't like it, too fucking bad! """Justice""" will be done! They will never feel bad about what they do the people whose shit they take because they've already decided taking shit is good, and the more the better!

The entire leftist worldview is predicated on violence. That it's good and right and just to take stuff from one group of people and give it to another by force. And once it's okay to do that, and morally justified, you end up with concentration camps, or gulags, or shooting up conservatives at baseball games. The idea that National Socialism is right wing is retarded, because an all-powerful state confiscating the wealth of people (hated minority or not) to provide FREE SHIT to their supporters is not, at all, "right wing." That's the entire leftist handbook.

Comment Re: Hate filled libtard (Score 2, Insightful) 1197

It just now is left instead of right, and the uniforms have changed.

Right, the National Socialist Worker's Party that instituted free education, free healthcare, massive public works projects, nationalized entire industries, that was totally right-wing. All you have to do is take Bernie Sanders' screeds and replace "the 1%" with "the Jews" and he sounds just like Hitler. It's still the same shit: you've got stuff, we want it, and we're going to bust your heads open in the street to get it.

Comment Re:Is FAKE NEWS the new advertising? (Score 1) 175

I wish everyone understood this. Humans are always biased. They have to be. All living things are biased towards their own goals. Perception is based on goals and obstacles, not "truth." It takes massive effort to even attempt to overcome one's own biases. If you think you're not biased, you're probably the most biased.

When it comes to media, at least one technique for trying to suss out some kind of truth is to consume multiple different news sources while understanding the biases of the people producing that news. Read Breitbart, and MSNBC, and HuffPo, always keeping in mind these are biased humans, just like you, presenting their biased worldview. Don't take any of them as "true."

Comment Re:Au contraire...way more was spent (Score 1) 175

You don't have to "buy off" the 5 companies. The 5 companies all have similar interests. They're going to publish things that promote the interests of the conglomerates and their subsidiaries (global capitalism, mass immigration) and ignore or discredit anything that goes against their interests (populism, nationalism).

Comment Re:Did an Uber Driver Run Over Your Dog? (Score 1) 238

"We need a Buzzfeed article to keep hammering on Uber. What don't Buzzfeed readers like?"


"Great, just say Trump = Uber = failing = bad!"

"But Trump and Uber don't have anything to do with each other...at all?"

"I don't give a fuck! Just make it happen!"

Later (and this is from the article):

Uber has sought to steer clear of Trump, but their values are so close that the brands are utterly intertwined in the public imagination.

Presented with absolutely no justification for how the Trump and Uber brands are "utterly intertwined in the public imagination."

Comment Re:Eeehhh! (Score 1) 71

My guess is because since they're simulating "everything" you can't do it at a very high fidelity. So you're going to have every type of woodland creature and insect and lizard. You can't afford to animate them all, but they need to move. They can either move in a shitty way, or in an "artistic" way. So they flip end over end so they can pretend it's an artistic choice instead of a design (or work effort) limitation.

Comment Re:Speaking of Saudis... (Score 1) 145

You may recall a few years ago some Wahhabists destroyed a pair of large stone buddhas in Afghanistan;

Is Afghanistan Saudi Arabia?

I don't mind Muslims killing other Muslims due to religious conflicts

So what's the problem with selling shitty outdated weapons to Saudi Arabia so they can blow up muslims in Yemen?

Comment Re:Did he misunderstand the bit about gender equal (Score 2) 361

Then if it's so important, why not do without the gender bullshit?

And if we're all going to die now, well, Trump offered to renegotiate the accord in a way that's more fair to the US. And who knows, would maybe even get approved by Congress, and therefore be binding! And the Europeans told him to pound sand.

Why do the Europeans hate the world and want us all to die?

Comment Re:Hints of Future History (Score 2) 247

Destruction of the US global power and influence

I don't want to be a global power. I don't want the US policing the world.

Do you like imperialist American hegemony? How about America just takes care of America, and the rest of the world can deal with their own problems, in their own way, without being bossed around by America?

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