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Comment Re:NNNGGGHYAAA!!!! (Score 2) 281

Mac is a evil pathetic dogmatic corporation. Mac BAD, Microsoft BAD. I also hate mate because they bastardized the greatest OS ever, Free BSD. Mac needs to stop child labor and labor camps associated with their company, and stop suing people because they are jealous of their success. They are a bunch of cry babies that need to be put down.

Comment Fix it or loose it (Score 1) 1040

We the people need to create a new demand from politicians. Meet the claims you present, the demands we want, fix this country or we will kick you out. We the people are responsible to keep the government in check, we need to fire congress and get a new group of people in there, fire the president, the senate, the house. California needs to fire there state senate and governor. We need to have a zero torrence for lies and empty promises. In the real world if some company said they would do X if you hired them you expect X. If you don't get it you ask for a refund, fire them or otherwise. If my job let me do nothing I promised and keep my salary, I would be spending my days programming games and posting comments on slash dot. (Oh wait, I work for the government?)... All politicians should post a commitment of goods. Think of how quickly they would change if we replaced them on failure to live up to their commitment. It does not matter what the laws say, it does not matter what they claim, it does not matter, we the people have the right to change things either by demanding change through peaceful discussion, peaceful activation, or violent revolution. If the government is corrupt we the people are supposed to overthrow it. I do not believe in violence, so I say we pick a day say 6 months down the road, and set a task to the government to have us back on track or we strike. If 50 million people skipped 1 day of work, the government would have to wake up and do their job, that says we are not going to take any more. Once should be enough for 20 years of politicians doing what they are supposed to, but if not, we can strike until they step down and allow new people in that will fix it. Who is with me?

Comment Re:Same old nonsense. (Score 1) 283

Google this: most popular search engine You will note: Google has held 70% over the past few years. Unwaivering, unfaltering. People Google stuff, end of argument. Apple and Google, Apple: Hipster based client base. Child Labor. pro controlling the masses. Likes to sue everyone. Needed a MS bailout. Upgrade means we removed a bunch of features that made it worth while and increased the costs, but we did add some new images for your background. Apple has a limited client base, and many people that will never use it. Google: Solid tech, strong following. Never bailed out of anything, bailing others out. Gets statistics off users (oh no, how evil), but fights for open web rights. Upgrading means lots of new features, stability fixes, and still absolutely free. Google actually supports the open source community. Google is no longer just a proper noun. A large percentage of the world (except China and Russia (oh no)) use it daily and that is just their search engine. 100 Years from now they will not say: Hey apple that!! But they may just say hey google that! Android is becoming more popular than iPhone. Android apps can be developed on a MAC computer, Linux Computer, and even Windows Computer. Iphone apps can be developed on a MAC, though it does not directly support others (Third party tools are required for non mac development, meaning slower access to newer technologies). Iphone's dictatorship reflects that of the company, and while many people will follow sheepishly, as options they desire are readily available elsewhere but blocked or limited by Apple, they will move away. Reality Trying to compare google to apple is like comparing apples to pictures of oranges. They are vastly different companies, and while I present Apple as very negative and google as more positive the truth doesn't matter how your portray the companies, the way the operate are so different that you cannot look at 1 to see how the other will flourish or fail. I for one predict Apple failing in the future, but it is because I hope they do, not because they will. These articles are basically the same thing, the author wants them to fail, if nothing more than a story about how goliath was slain.

Comment Re:Simple (Score 1) 318

So, ghost writers and other professionals have a problem with posting their real names, but they are ok? Can we force all government employees to wear a badge indicating their real full name? Officer Bob Johnson, you live on Elm Street right? Are you sure you want to give me that ticket? No more anonymous has long reaching results outside of computers, information gives you power. Lets stop hiding our votes, then we can validate the counts by identifying who voted for whom. We don't need to keep that a secret, what is the worst that could happen? Jenny, how stupid are you voting for ...... We don't need to have a private life, in fact, I think we should all be forced to stop wearing clothes, and change all walls into glass walls so everyone can see what and who everyone else is doing. Think of how we could stop pedophiles this way.

Comment Stupid Patents (Score 0) 316

Now we really need to kill these stupid patents. People stop buying apple, send them a message, tell them they are pathetic as a company and we just will not accept it anymore. Seriously, patents are the new way to destroy the economy, kill small business, and play games at high level. Every large corporation is suing a different one, so many bs patents exist that I could not compete if I wanted to. It has gotten ridiculous. People are dying because medical patents are being fought over, now you have big corporate loosers crying over pennies.

Comment Man Sued for thinking about speaking (Score 0) 334

Today in news we are going to California where a man is on death row for thinking about speaking his mind. The first case backed by the new law protecting people from hearing, seeing or mind reading anything that could offend them. The man was going to compliment a lady on her nice dress when the mental police intercepted his thoughts. In this case the friend walking next to the woman would have hurt feelings as he was not intending to compliment her new hair cut.

Comment Oh no, not missing the grammer (Score 0) 295

Nit picking is why GNU blows chunks as a license. Seriously maybe the grammar sucks and should not be resent. Lets not shoot ourselves with crappy code or excessive junk when we could clean it up and republish. It would be one thing if they tried to resell it as their own, but including only a portion of something is not a reason to go to war. This is why I hate much of the open source community, they have a great idea, but get so fanatical about it. Instead of being a progressive group dedicated to improving life for the future they turn into a politically weighed down propaganda machine that cries about a broken nail.

Comment Re:In b4... (Score 0) 152

Retarded, no. Most people like to use the tools that best fit the job. 1) Well Known and established by all, in other words, support is everywhere, people that can manage it cost less and can be found at all skill levels. 2) Universal. SQL fits into so many places, where as nosql fits into a few small areas, and tends to be limited to perform well in just those areas. Meaning you need multiple databases for each section of your code based (not always a bad thing). 3) Stable. SQL has been around, optimization is stable, years of theories built on the core. 4) Non-experimental: SQL is known, NoSQL is a gamble, go to the owners and say hey we want to experiment, we are not sure that it will be better, but it may, it will only cost you a lot of time as we learn this new technology. Professional NoSQL will be used only where it can be fully proven to present great advantage, not just possibly give us advantage.

Comment Lawyers Suck (Score 0) 240

For all the people in the US that are complaining about people learning to speak English, at least they speak a real language, one that makes sense to at least someone else. Lawyers claim to speak English, but it takes hours to translate their language into something people can understand. This I believe should be made illegal. You cannot really expect the people of a free country to know and follow the laws if they cannot even understand them. Seriously if it was made in plain language the people could find these ridiculous loopholes and use them just like the big corporations bridging the gap between over priced lawyers making money over a wording and small business owners being shafted because they follow the spirit of the law. In fact, lawyers need to be abolished, seriously their only value is to confuse and eat away at our fine country. Lawyers make laws that the people should make. They serve no purpose in a democracy, and have no value either. Are we that pathetic, that we cannot have a group of 12 people determine if the spirit of the law was followed or not. It may not be perfect in some ways, but we selected to be ruled by democracy (Or so we claim) we need to embrace that, lawyers have no place in such a government.

Comment Re:Think harder... (Score 0) 381

Guess they should define broadband by, the most expensive way to get a high connection speed to stated location. As apposed to utilization of various technology in order to get information from point a to point b using the largest possible blocks of transmission per time unit. Yes, running cable would be expensive, especially with degradation of line signal over distance being very high, a repeater would need to be placed every half mile or mile to get any real speed. Utilizing wireless systems not as bad, sure that means Joe farmer requires satellite Internet that has packet bursts or similar technology, but it is likely better than what they currently have. The cost (much less). There are ways, it just means we must embrace technology as a collection of tools instead of looking at a single way of doing things.

Comment Re:What about Firefox 6? (Score 1) 441

So firefox 6 will be released 2 days before 7. 7 in turn will be release 1.23 days before 8, what I really want to know about is firefox 1357 which will be released in 187.45 days. I understand the decimals may be confusing, but as their version numbers start to grow, eventually (next month or two) they will be changing versions to be based on repository commits. They caved into the pressure of version counting, a big number means something big right???

Comment The future drones on (Score 1) 30

If you look at recent events such as identify theft hacking, and even the general acceptance of people in general, privacy is becoming a thing of the past. My sister and cousin took a family argument into facebook, kids tweet about everything even stuff most adults would consider personal. Older people have ideas like posting pictures of kids online could attract predators, younger parents find it cute. Add in the government pushing to make things safe for freedom and the American way. A few decades ago, you could steal someones identity and they would never know it, in fact, it rarely had any affect on their life. Now lenders collect tons of once private data to decide if they should give you a loan. In fact what we once thought as private is now considered common knowledge. In an attempt to protect themselves, they altered the way they do things. Kids have no thought of posting themselves being "stupid" on you tube, things that 50 years ago, or even 20 years ago, would have considered embarrassing. The upside is the human race is embracing differences, from religion to the way we act. The downside is we are loosing freedoms, privacy. In the middle you have a huge growing pain as we discover how to deal with new technology flying at us so rapidly, few can keep up with it. I believe the future will find a balance, where we are being watched, but groups like RIAA will become a thing of the past, freedom of information will come into reality as the costs to combat it will become to vast, coupled with the low costs to self publish bringing third party companies to rethink their ways. On the flip side, someone crying over a rainbow can become just as famous as someone singing a really great song.

Submission + - Tou Pi Day (TP Day) (egfbt.com)

sacridias writes: A new movement is starting Tou Pi Day. Join us in making this movement real, we have a few months to get the word out and make the first Tou Pi day one to remember. The 1st TP day is scheduled for Jan 9th 2013.

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