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Submission + - GameStop's Mayan Apocalypse (

kube00 writes: The rumor mill is saying the next generation of consoles might not play used games. What does this mean for retailers such as Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy? Will gamers flock to the one console that can still play used games? GoozerNation speculates if the Mayan apocalyspse draws near for used game sales

Comment Re:Shivaji Bhosle Was Historical Figure, Not Deity (Score 1) 90

You can start from slashdot(, which clarifies its name. afa congress is concerned, it is ruled by a daughter of italian mafia and not entirely a hindu/north indian household. Yes, the shiv saniks together with thakrey & his son/nephew are a bunch of disciplined chaps who just enforce their wisdom on us, the average Indians and enlighten us to follow regional terrorism. so, stfu and get your facts correct.

Submission + - India plans fastest supercomputer by 2017 (

darkstar019 writes: India is planning a 100 Million computer that is going to be at least 61 times faster than Sequoia, if its roadmap finishes as expected. Currently, the most powerful supercomputer is at 58th position in the list of top 100 supercomputers(
What remains to be seen is whether this claim will be met or would it be another failed project due to corruption or incompetence.


Submission + - A glimpse at piracy in the UK and beyond ( 1

Zocalo writes: The BBC has a fascinating look into the music download habits of the UK population based on stats compiled by Musicmetric. The stats, gathered through the monitoring of BitTorrent swarms and geo-locating the IPs, shows the hotspots for music copyright infringement across the UK and regional preferences for certain types of music. Some of the outliers are somewhat unusual though, suggesting some problems with the methodology or sample size, unless people on the Isle of Wight really do prefer trumpet-playing crooner Louis Armstrong to the likes of Rihanna and Ed Sheeran who top the lists nationwide.

Not in the UK? There are some global stats on the "Most pirated near you?" tab of the story. Better yet, if you want to crunch the numbers for yourself all of the data has been made available at the Musicmatch website under a Creative Commons license and a RESTful API to access the data (free for non-commercial use!) is also available.

Comment WASteD (Score 1) 341

Excessive counter-strike and other FPS games have rendered my desktop keyboard to wear off the WASD keys, but the keyboard is still going good - thanks to change of the internal contacts over time.

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