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Comment Re:Not why many people use folders (Score 1) 434

"The study suggests to me that people just aren't fluent in using their e-mail applications."

Did you actually read the study? Everyone was using the same email client, and had been doing so for quite a while, and the sample only included people who'd used all retrieval features at least once.

Of course, we don't know whether bluemail is better at one kind of use vs the other. Except for this study...

Comment Re:Including Benifits (Score 1) 382

Which is why the study looks at total compensation instead of just salaries:

Because the contractor billing rates published by GSA include not only salaries but also other costs including benefits contractors provide their employees,[66] POGO added OPMâ(TM)s 36.25 percent benefit rate to federal employee salaries[67] and BLSâ(TM)s 33.5 percent loading to private sector employee salaries to reflect the full fringe benefit package paid to full-time employees in service-providing organizations that employ 500 or more workers.

Comment Re:Stupid project (Score 1) 122

How about untruthful? It's not decidable in the provable mathematical sense, but they appear to have a statistical classifier system.

As for how they defined "fake", they went to Mechanical Turk and deliberately paid people for "fake" reviews. As this is one particular behavior we wish to detect and punish, I don't care about the ontological arguments. The real problem is whether this can cope once shills use it to tweak their bullshit until it "passes".

Comment Re:Simple vs Short. Round one: Fight! (Score 1) 340

Research has shown that between complicated 8 character passwords and basic 16 characters, it takes far fewer tries to generate 16 character passwords, and fewer typos and passwords forgotten, while having the same estimated entropy. It makes a bit of sense; many of the special characters are harder to type. I suspect with mobile, the effect is even more pronounced.

Comment Re:don't know... how OS's work? (Score 2) 258

Maemo Linux, the OS that runs my n900, runs Xorg just fine. I don't think GNOME would be a good fit, but Hildon does use GTK, dbus, hald, pulseaudio, NetworkManager, and the evolution DB backend. And while you can't run amd64.deb, it does have a repository of ARM arch .debs. I think the best way to define what Slashdot would call linux is "capable of running wireshark". And the N900 meets that task, but does hilight your point that desktop apps are not in and of themselves, ready for mobile. I think the opposite might be true though; things that work on phones should be able to work natively on desktops without much fuss.

Maemo goes back to the n770 in 2005, so Android is hardly the first ARM phone attempt. Frankly, the reasons for success and failure here don't involve Linux technicals. It's about market position and strategies. Nokia has so many base patents on cellphones that they feel entitled to dictate the pace of phone growth. Their Maemo smartphone strategy assumed a leisurely 5 years and a patent portfolio to stop competition from racing ahead. Well that didn't stop Apple, or Google, and Nokia is happy to collect their profits in the form of patent settlements instead, while the board of directors approves a backdoor sale of Nokia to Microsoft.

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