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Comment Re:Amazon Charges 10% Fee, Worker Gets 90%+ (Score 1) 41

That part I understand. It's the lower price that bugs me. From the summary, I get the impression that they had to pay $10, for example, for an ordinary contract, but now, they can pay $1. In other words, it sounds like a worse deal for the labour force. The percentages might be better, but the total money at the end of the day is worse, if I understand correctly.

Comment Re:Not sure this is a good idea (Score 2) 41

I don't see how you made $10/hour. The assignments that I got were only a few cents. You say $20 would pay for your expenses for the day? I thought that room and board would be more than that.

When I did it, I made about $1/hour, and sometimes less, because the voices were garbled, and sometimes my work would be rejected. It was silly.

Comment Re:Behind the times (Score 1) 48

I had spell check problems with Opera, also. It was definitely a bug, since it would underline, "I', and some 2 letter words. I had to add them to the dictionary, and could never get rid of the "I" problem. The recent upgrades seemed to help. I'm using Kubuntu, and installed it via the system's upgrade mechanism.

Comment Re:Yeah. But what's "reasonably" angry?" (Score 1) 780

On the other hand, the CEO generally owns shares in the company as well, so losing out on profits would impact their personal wealth. So there is a selfish reason to 'maximize profits'. But there seems to be this general idea that if the company behaves like a douche for profits it is okay because they have a legal duty to shareholders is simply not true.

On the other hand, the CEO, owner, and everybody else is just as likely to own put-options on the company. They then become pressurized to put run their companies into the ground. They are also likely to have no vested interest in the company at all.

Comment Re:this is great news (Score 1) 440

Ah, I see.

For me, warming up leftovers or something like a frozen burrito seems to work best with setting my microwave power to P-50, which I guess means 50%. I then heat twice as long.

I do this, because I'm hoping for a more even warming, as opposed to blistering hot on the outside, and still cool on the inside. It reduces splattering, as well, when the food doesn't get too hot.

Comment Re:this is great news (Score 1) 440

Also, it's worth pointing out that nothing in a straw man free market, or real free market, or any kind of market, that would make a competitor realize that a higher quality bread is worth selling. We're talking about bread, and not processor chips. Bread has been around for ages, and there are lots of ways to make them or things like them. With processor chips, we haven't been building them for centuries, so there are still many discoveries, I'm sure. There are just too many reasons for the best bread to not be made, assuming that there is such a thing of course.

Comment Re:Antisocial (Score 1) 602

Most people won't get it.

My best advice is to switch keyboard layouts, and type with only 1 finger. You'll still want to use the web, but you won't enjoy it nearly as much, when you can only type about 5 words per minute, and have to look at the keyboard. After typing a word or two, you'll look up, only to see that you need to backspace, but that would mean having to reload the entire page, because it's faster, or having to delete a whole bunch text.

Another option is to go to a place that can't speak or write your native language, and you have no clue on how to speak theirs.

In both cases, it's extremely frustrating.

Comment Re:Um, yeah (Score 1) 716

Hi. Long time, no chat. I hope that all is well with you.

I think that the big thing for you in general [and I'm obviously just guessing] is learning things outside of your major. This helps you to adapt to this unstable world. I found that to be the case for me. My major made a big difference, but the things outside of my major seem to be the most important right now.

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