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Comment Re:Used to cost way more (Score 1) 763

agreed. Snes games would cost 60GBP (about $100-$120 USD) when they are available. Now they take 40 hours to complete and are created with a huge landacape design / physics / progammer / story teller / film prodution force. I feel happy paying the price of about 35GBP for games. And if I don't like that I can get them second hand.

However, if the games stores seriously want to get me to buy from them instead of just browsing during my lunch break, they have to start meeting amazon prices or less. Who'd pay double for a game unless they wanted it quick?

Comment Re:impossible dream? (Score 1) 171

absoloutely: the next step would be to harness the abilities of a) time dilation (, to allow for future time travel in some space ship, and the ability to drop someone into a coma / life support device for a lifetime or more. If stuntmen, soldiers and astronauts are willing to take those risks I'm sure someone would do this.
Seriously, it won't happen in our lifetime, but who could have imagined planes realistically 200 years ago? If we are sent back pictures of a human society (but 2009 years in the future!) on another planet, it would inevitably unite the people of earth, and probably invoke an worldwide effort to make contact. Or perhaps governments to devise operation 'Enduring Intergalatic Freedom'. Eitherway, I find it credible.

PS. give us an option for the old slashdot back in preferences - the new ajax doesn't work in many places.

Comment Re:Really bad review (Score 1) 523

True. I don't need work to know precisely when and for how long I've decided to take a slashdot break. Furthermore, I'm using an IBM clickly keyboard now - I used it for years because I was persuaded keyboard flamewars that oldskool heavy clickly boards were the way to go. I can actually feel myself typing slower, and exhausting pointless energy while being louder. I'm sure there's a happy medium - perhaps it's MS or logitech.

Also, someone should post a list of keyboards without the numpad column. It should be an attachment.


Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Spawns Real-Life Car 93

Car Analogy Please writes to tell us that a new car unveiled at the Paris Auto Show was modeled after the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue car. GTbyCITROËN is the first car that has been designed in tandem with a video game to then spill out onto the actual pavement. "The GTbyCITROËN is the product of a partnership built up during the creation of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Takumi Yamamoto, from Citroen and Kazunori Yamauchi from Polyphony Digital Inc, the games developer were inspired by each others industries to design a concept car for the game that then flowed further into the real-world. The game version of the car mirrors the real-world performance of the concept."

K-9 Sniper Team Screenshot-sm 2

The dog can't hit anything over 100 yards.

Military Robots to Gain Advanced Sight 71

coondoggie brings us a NetworkWorld report discussing iRobot's plans to include Laser Radar technology in their military robots. Quoting: "Specifically the robot-maker is licensing Advanced Scientific Concepts' 3-D flash Ladar which uses laser beams to scan and process targets. The system has the ability to create a virtual 3D picture of an entire area. IRobot ... believes the technology will provide new navigation and mapping capabilities for future generations of robots and unmanned ground vehicles and pave the way for autonomous vehicles to lead convoys into dangerous territory, search contaminated buildings for casualties, or enable bomb squads to safely investigate suspicious objects."

Google Adsense Cracking Down on 'Tasters' 187

ZerothOfTheLaw writes "It appears that Google is going to eliminate Adsense for Domains for all domains younger than five days old. From the post 'The Good news is that the Quantity of advertising will be spread among fewer domains now and so those domain owners that actually own real full domains should receive more money if bid prices start to rise as a result of this. However some advocates of Domain Tasting say that perhaps no one will be able to serve the niche for some ads and no one will make money on the unserved ads.'"
Portables (Apple)

In-Depth Review of the MacBook Air With Photos 244

Engadget has the first really in-depth review of the MacBook Air that I have seen with plenty of great photos and specifics. They do a great job of highlighting the highs and the lows with plenty of concrete examples to back their claims up. It seems that while the MacBook Air is a great step towards ultra-portable computing, overall the pricepoint is just too high. Which is not surprising from a new Apple gadget I guess.

Smartphones Patented — Just About Everyone Sued 1 Minute Later 407

This week the US Patent and Trademark Office issued a surprisingly (although I guess it shouldn't be) broad patent for a "mobile entertainment and communication device". Upon closer inspection you may notice that it pretty much outlines the ubiquitous smartphone concept. "It's a patent for a mobile phone with removable storage, an internet connection, a camera and the ability to download audio or video files. The patent holding firm who has the rights to this patent wasted no time at all. At 12:01am Tuesday morning, it filed three separate lawsuits against just about everyone you can think of, including Apple, Nokia, RIM, Sprint, ATT, HP, Motorola, Helio, HTC, Sony Ericsson, UTStarcomm, Samsung and a bunch of others. Amusingly, the company actually first filed the lawsuits on Monday, but realized it was jumping the gun and pulled them, only to refile just past the stroke of midnight. "

Submission + - UFO Spotted at Airport

Corey writes: "According to an article by CNN, a UFO was spotted by several employees of the O'Hare Airport in Chicago, Illinois. The FAA is simply dismissing it as a 'weather phenomenon.'"

Submission + - Beating procrastination with self-imposed deadline

castironwok writes: Procrastination attracts us because of hyperbolic time discounting: the immediate (guilty) rewards are disproportionally more compelling than the greater delayed cost. Procrastination is the reward itself. An MIT professor found that when he allowed his students to give themselves their own homework deadlines, they would artificially restrict themselves to counter procrastination. However, they did not set deadlines for optimal effectiveness. I am personally a huge procrastinator and it's always a pull between rational logic (giving yourself the most time by choosing end dates as the deadline), and your past experience saying you will put it off so force yourself to start early.

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