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Comment Re:I'm confused (Score -1) 289

Here is the problem: the people who built him up to be a hero cannot believe that he might also be a rapist. It's kind of like the persistent denial hardcore Clinton backers had over the Lewinski matter, or that hardcore conservatives have with accepting the reality of global warming. Uncomfortable facts are ignored when they hurt "our" side and emphasized when they hurt "their" side.

My personal feeling is that the USA wanted to neutralize him in such a way that they didn't have to actually ever take custody of him and the negative publicity that would entail, and that Mr. Assange's sense of privilege handed the CIA an opportunity on a silver platter. Whether they set him up, or just dug up existing dirt on him and made sure it became public knowledge is an open question, but the second case requires far fewer assumptions to hold based on what we know now, and is therefore the more likely one.

The spy game isn't like the movies kids: it's a results oriented business, and sometimes your targets personal failings are actually your biggest assets.

Comment Re:Facebook (Score 2, Insightful) 222

Must have stung pretty hard to get that kind of rise out of you. It might be hard to accept, but there are fully functional adults who use FB to keep in touch with old friends and extended family while also leading productive lives out in "the real world" as we called it back in the 80s. I remember how self-righteous people were back then about not watching TV, as if watching a little bit meant that you suddenly turned into a couch potato who never left the house. Those people turned out to be the ones who had the most problems with life balance at the 20 year reunion, in my experience. But carry on. We older folk are laughing with you, as we see our own hangups echoed in new technology, at least most of the time. Now get off my damn lawn.

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