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Comment Re:Dumb Question (Score 1) 284

They stopped with the cookies. Weeks ago.

And really, the only reasonable solution is to (try to) educate people so that they understand how gregarious a web page can be and suggest techniques for controlling them.

(You say 'script blocker', but RequestPolicy can prevent the http connections, and cookie blockers/managers reduce exposure. I expect the long term solution is to revert to only sharing cookies that the user has explicitly whitelisted for a given domain or whatever)

Comment Re:Identity "theft" (Score 1) 154

My goal is to encourage people to categorically avoid language that endorses the idea that anyone other than the financial institution is the victim, not to parse out just how much reality is reflected in each of the various other terms.

(I agree that what you are saying is correct, but I think it is a pedantic technicality, the presence of a fraud alert or whatever is not going to stop a smart loan officer from extending a loan)

Comment Re:Federal Sales Tax (Score 1) 392

Uh, uh, uh, wow.

He is proposing a personal tax for when large amounts of money are taken out of a business. If the money is kept in the business, no personal tax increase (the horror and pain!), if a few hundred thousand dollars are taken out annually, no tax increase (but what about my second sport boat?).

I have no trouble with arguments for less taxation, but those arguments should at least attempt to be honest and coherent.

Comment Re:Identity "theft" (Score 1) 154

A credit score is not a person's creditworthiness. Which is basically my point.

(I'm not pretending the current system doesn't exist, I understand that a fraudulently opened account can end up being a pain in the ass for the individual that was impersonated. I'm simply trying to call out how stupid that is.)

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