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Comment Checksums (Score 1) 680

I can't believe nobody uses checksums...

For raw files, I add checksums (an md5sums text file in every image folder) right after importing the images from the flash card.

Jpegs tend to get changes in the exif data, so I add the checksums for those after the editing phase.

This makes it easy to verify the backups, since the md5 files get backed up, too.

In case of a corrupted file, I can hopefully find a good copy om my nearline backup HD, my NAS hidden in a bookshelf, or an offsite USB disk.


Google Caffeine Drops MapReduce, Adds "Colossus" 65

An anonymous reader writes "With its new Caffeine search indexing system, Google has moved away from its MapReduce distributed number crunching platform in favor of a setup that mirrors database programming. The index is stored in Google's BigTable distributed database, and Caffeine allows for incremental changes to the database itself. The system also uses an update to the Google File System codenamed 'Colossus.'"

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