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Comment Security Professionals (Score 1) 248

These tools that people use for hacking can also be used by security professionals to test the security of the network. I assume that most security companies do use them, and so these governments pushing this through the EU will have to put all of their security contractors in jail. Hackers will have a field day then, and WikiLeaks will have more information than it knows what to do with!

Comment Re:Methinks it be the script-kiddies (Score 2) 213

I don't think you can draw a comparison between the safetey of a private residence, and the security of a corporations network. Put lightly, If a theif manages to break into your home, it is likely he will only get away with either one arge item (Such as your 40" TV) or maybe pockets full of Jewellry and whatever cash they stumble upon. In comparison, if a hacker can break into the network of a corporation, that means customer data and other valuable information (possibly trade secrets etc.) could be compromised. Another comparison to draw is that items in your home are likely to be secured by insurance, but if this data gets out there then there is no insurance.

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