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Comment Re:Allo? FB Messenger? (Score 1) 143

Yeah but Allo sucks. Sorry, but I have no compelling reason to use it over Hangouts, iMessage, SMS, Google Chat, or any other chat program (Facebook Messenger comes to mind as well). And Duo - I was let down. I had hoped Google had figured out what secret sauce Apple uses in Facetime to get such effing awesome quality over just LTE or 3G. No one else comes close. I thought, "Hey, Google is made up of engineers, really smart ones too! Surely they can figure it out." I was wrong. I like seeing who's calling me before answering, but that's about the only innovation there, and the call quality isn't up to par.

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 1) 644

Sadly this is where Federal and State laws *combine*. For example, by law only the FCC can regulate radio, so as a licensed radio operator, in theory only the FCC may tell me I can't use my radio. But I guarantee the State and local laws that restrict where I may take my radio apply as well. I can't say "you're not the FCC so nyah nyah". Doesn't work like that. If you fly a drone in my property, which is not a 2 dimensional property plot but includes vertical space as well, then yes, you are in MY property and you are trespassing. You need to be aware of what your local and State laws state for property space and their defense.

Comment Re:"Adding no Value" (Score 1) 327

Sure - instead of putting my CC info into Yet Another Insecure Website Just Waiting To Be Hacked, I can use my secure Apple-stored CC token to purchase a premium app. I trust Apple - I don't (want to) trust Valve, or Steam, or some weird website that offers Paypal OR credit card through some unknown 3rd party provider. Also Apple makes it just take my thumbprint, others have multiple screens or validation codes you have to enter - again, less "friction", more time for more important things in my life.

Comment Upgrade mech sucks (Score 1) 35

Too bad its update mechanism sucks balls. You can apply "patches", which I find often require fuzzy matches to work, but you can't actually UPGRADE to a newer version, you have to install that on a separate folder and database, then schedule a time to take it all down and export/import the whole database, orders, themes and all. It's crazy complex compared to Wordpress' simply Upgrade Now button.

Comment Re: Ham radio has been doing this already (Score 1) 44

Ah but this is mesh (so it's not AMPRNet), and it runs much more bandwidth (higher frequencies tend to have more bandwidth available) and doesn't necessarily require a ham license. Also it could support encryption which is very not allowed on ham bands.

We may have played around with mesh, and there's even a few real deployments in the US, but this is (potentially) production use to connect real users to the Internet. Given that websites are all moving to HTTPS, even the BBHN stuff gets less useful every day except in emergency scenarios.

Comment Re:So...federal breakfast+lunch+dinner+... = fail? (Score 4, Informative) 413

Well if they refused to work your definition might be valid. Sadly these parents ALREADY HAVE JOBS DIPSTICK! In some cases multiple jobs. Your libertarian right-wing "I hate handouts" bit doesn't actually work in this case because it doesn't apply. It's not welfare, either, it's child welfare - it's helping the CHILDREN of those parents. Because those children will be cooking your next meal, stopping you at your next traffic stop, and saving you from your house fire next time you leave the stove on. Some of those children will even go to college, and could become politicians, making decisions affecting you.

I grew up in poverty, but I did what I could, and with some natural ability and some luck I've done pretty well for myself. Imagine how much more I could have done if I'd not had to worry about food, or heat growing up. Clothes. All of these things would have really helped my attention to school and not starving or freezing. These kids will have those opportunities, and SOCIETY AT LARGE will benefit from them. That's why we have public roads, public schooling, public funding for all sorts of things - it benefits EVERYONE.

So get off your libertarian "I hate poor people" stand. You're not held at gunpoint - none of YOUR money went into the CLEARLY LOCALLY FUNDED district. If you want to complain about someone holding a gun to your head and forcing you to fund something, complain about the military that we have to fund 857 MILLION in "defense spending" when we are at peace with our only two neighbors - Canada and Mexico. But we only spend 393 million on welfare. Source: http://www.usgovernmentspendin...

Comment Re:Python (Score 4, Insightful) 339

It's called copy and pasting code. I don't want to have to worry about going over every line ensuring the indentation carried over and either adding or removing it to every line. If the language is brace-based, I can hit Format Document and it adjusts it. Without a delimiter like that, you can't "Format Document".

Comment Re:Constitutionally, the FAA should lose (Score 1) 115

The US Constitution gives Congress sole law writing authority and they passed laws creating the FAA. Those various laws also grant the FAA the authority to do this. Constitutionally they are very well covered. If you disagree, try suing them and taking it to SCOTUS. Even they will agree due to safety being the main driver.

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