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Comment Re:Courier, Arial, Times New Roman (Score 1) 378

Actually, yes, Arial is free. Microsoft gave it away under a freeware-style license, and while MS themselves no longer distributes it, the EULA allows for re-distribution so there are still a lot of sites that host it.


Comment Re:Tilting at windmills (Score 1) 423

who hasn't had a business need for multiple levels of aggregates (eg averages of sums across multiple groupings, say "average across all customers' total balances")

Funny you should mention that. Window functions in the SQL:2003 standard address that need, and there was an article on Slashdot earlier today about PostgreSQL 8.4 being released with support for them. Oracle has for a while now.

Comment Try City of Heroes (Score 1) 337

Transportation in City of Heroes is so much faster than other MMO's I've played. Train stations or boats allow you to quickly move from one to zone to almost others in the same level range. There's a multitude of shortcuts (Pocket D teleporter, day job teleporters). There are Supergorup base teleporters that take you to almost every zone. Once you get to level 25, you can get the Ouroboros portal, which you can summon wherever you want and allows you to instantly teleport to the key high-level zones that you visit a lot.

That's just between zones. In the world itself, or even in instanced missions, you can move extremely fast if you pick up a travel power (first available at level 14). Flight is the slowest, but most versatile. "Slowest" is relative, it's still faster than epic flying mounts in WoW. There's also Super Jumping, Super Speed, and Teleportation, in increasing order of speed and difficulty to use.

After hitting boost range and teleporting across a huge zone in a half dozen hops, when I go play WoW with friends it just takes so damn long to get anywhere. :( Especially in the old world where the ground mounts feel so slooooow.

Comment Re:Enough already! (Score 1) 335

So you want the column to be NOT NULL, and yet you can't be bothered to tell the db your desired default value for that column. What EXACTLY do you expect the database to do ?

Um, I want it to create the table with a NOT NULL constraint and no default value. That's perfectly legitimate SQL.

Now a "proper" db might just moan at table creation time that you're trying to do something silly, whereas MySQL assumes you are silly and inserts it's own suggested default.

No, a proper db will create the table as instructed. There's nothing silly about creating a table that you don't want NULL values in, and saying that there's no sane default, so the user must specify a value on INSERT.

Horses for courses I would have said. Just for interest, as I'v enever tried Postgre, what does IT do ? Allow you to continue, then moan when you try and do an INSERT, or does it really stop you at creation time with a warning / error.

The former (reject INSERTS that don't specify a value for that column), which is what any decent database like Oracle, DB2, and hell probably even Microsoft SQL Server will do.

Comment Re:PostgreSQL (Score 1) 335

There's very little Oracle or anyone else can offer me that I don't already have with PG.

Basically, built-in multimaster replication (if you pay for the license, of course), and load-balanced clustering. If you don't need either of those, there's really no reason to pick Oracle over PG other than political.

PG is an awesome DB, and it just keeps getting better.

Comment Re:PostgreSQL (Score 2, Informative) 335

When was that? PostgreSQL has been using MVCC for as long as I can remember (as least since 6.0+, probably earlier), which is the same type of concurrency control used by Oracle. The implementation is a little different, but the effect is the same. Much more efficient than the locking method used by MySQL and MSSQL until fairly recently (SQL Server 2005 and InnoDB use MVCC).

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