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Comment really? (Score 2) 554

Why are you all feeding the machine? Why can't we trust that the local people in that area will take care of the situation? If you want to be outraged over nonsense go to your own townhall meetings. Instead of offering up what you would do, why not spend that time being a part of the community and actually do it?

And you, Slashdot. The only way this could be construed as news for nerds is if there was a statistician whose specialty is school lunch programs, and even only then as a humorous aberration. If the day is this slow at least go for some speculative articles vaguely resembling something techy. Most other sites just made stuff up about the upcoming Android 5.0, at least show some effort.

Comment 2 methods (Score 1) 330

1: Ask them this question, grade the responses on a curve and use the best answers for your method.

2: (non-silly method) Split the class into small groups of 4-8 students. Arrange a list of subjects and have half the group form test questions based off of the list. Make note of any preferred methods, or requirements to use in the questions (this is where you can guide them into asking the right kind of questions). Have the other half solve the questions. Then have them switch sides and repeat. Grade based on how challenging the questions are, scope of the answers, and use of requirements. Keep a DB of previous questions submitted to verify originality. PROS: gives students ample opportunities for failure, makes for some very interesting and engaging tests, helps to teach how to find a problem AND how to find a solution. CONS: Makes grading the tests a lot more time consuming.

Comment Re:Nice, but small pockets is a concern. (Score 1) 183

Looks like the main front pockets can hold a 6x9" notepad comfortably so it seems to be good size-wise. I usually wear a hoodie underneath my overcoat in the winter so this seems perfect for me.

Also, is this item similar to your case mod? I was thinking of picking one up to attach to a notepad. If you have a cheaper or easier method I'd be interested in trying it.

Comment Re:Product owners (Score 1) 183

Why is this insightful? This company was looking for ways to reach customers and Slashdot offered them a way to reach a user base that is comprised of people most likely to appreciate their products. Should they be denigrated for buying into Slashdot's pitch? What, did you think they had some crack marketing team come up with a nefarious plan to get their advertisement onto the front page? I mean if you want to be upset with someone it's Slashdot, not the advertiser. Is it just that you hate any company that engages in the abhorrent practice of spreading awareness of their product through the available channels? Next you will be saying you are mad at corporations for getting in line when your congressmen start selling their votes to the highest bidder.

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