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Submission + - Experimental drug stops Ebola-like infection (

sciencehabit writes: An experimental treatment against an Ebola-related virus can protect monkeys even when given up to 3 days after infection, the point at which they show the first signs of disease. The virus, known as Marburg, causes severe hemorrhagic fever—vomiting, diarrhea, and internal bleeding. In one outbreak, it killed 90% of people it infected. There are no proven treatments or vaccines against it. The new results raise hopes that the treatment might be useful for human patients even if they don’t receive it until well after infection. The company that makes the compound, Tekmira, based in Burnaby, Canada, has started a human safety trial of a related drug to treat Ebola virus disease, and researchers hope that it, too, might offer protection even after a patient has started to feel ill.

Comment Re:Gettin All Up In Yo Biznis (Score 1) 419

If you allow children to watch movies like the Expendables, you're part of the problem.

My kids didn't get to see much in the way of action/violent films or shows until they were in their mid to late teens. As I often say "Why the taboos on sex, and not on violence? I hope my children have sex some day, and I hope they never have to kill anyone".
Not that I let them watch porn, either ;)

Mostly they grew up with mythbusters, documentaries, science shows, and a freaking ton of books.

Comment Re:MacBook Air 13 Inch (Score 1) 702

The 12" Powerbook G4 was the end of my love affair with Apple. Every time I got an MBP, the dang thing would have some mechanical issue (catch fire, lose DVD inside, you name it). That G4 laptop though, it's still going strong with one simple keyboard replacement.

My wife wrote 5 books on the dang thing, too!

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