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Comment Cheap clean water is and always will be (Score 2) 86

Cheap clean water is the most valuable resource on the planet without a doubt. It is needed and used in every industry. The oil production industry uses a significant amount of it. So does all mining and resource extraction.

In agriculture in particular obviously we are talking 1000 and 10,000 to 1 ratios for the production of food. A quarter pound of hamburger requires 110 gallons alone. Imagine the amount of energy required to clean that much water and having to include it in the price.

Incidentally forget about the drought in southern California which is a desert. We get the vast majority of our water from the mountains of northern California. There is plenty of water there even in a "drought". The problem is the farmers in California which produce a significant amount of the worlds food. They are water greedy. People watering their lawns and cars in LA is a drop in the bucket compared to farmers.

Comment Make PHD grant student contribute to open books (Score 1) 123

Most graduate students get at least some amount of grand money from state and or federal as well as from the university itself. Mostly they tend to serve as TA's if not teaching the classes themselves. So make contribution to a open source books mandatory. Make them write and revise the very textbooks their university uses. They do at least partially teach/tutor other students so they are relatively well informed as to how to improve the material as far as how the class is taught.

Also by using open source books the classes could opt to use more textbooks in their classes. For instance one textbook might explain something better to one student than another.

Also wouldn't the money the state spends on k-12 textbooks be better spent on grad students to write the books?

Comment LIkely to be safer than oral/inhaled/absorb drugs. (Score 2) 103

Imagine if you could artificial control your own mood without taking drugs. You could fall asleep when you want to and wake up quickly at a certain time. You could be happy, social, and less anxious when you want. You could turn on or off sexual desire. You could have the mental focus of a robot and feel bored. How about turning off pain in whole or selectively. Turn off anxiety and fear. These and a million other uses are guaranteed. How much would any of those be worth if you could control them? It's a guaranteed future for he that invests.

And we haven't even gotten to the point of discussing illegal wire-heads and simply do it to get a better drug free high.

Comment Re:Last mile (Score 1) 113

YES! But let me say that the ONT or "optical modem" should and needs to be provided by the city. There isn't exactly one pair of fiber going from your house all the way to a central location. It's a network and whatever your have at your house needs to plug into the local switch on your block or group of blocks. The actual modulation may be standard based or proprietary but it doesn't really matter since that decision should be left for whomever administrated the system. The equipment has to be standard for the area and the city to manage. Data goes over it all the same. Every house needs a connection even if they don't use internet because this is what is replacing the phone lines. Everyone needs options for communication.

The important part is that the city function as a central hub so that whomever wants to hook into them can do so just by installing their own optical cables and equipment on site. Instant competition. You'll see internet prices fall to at least a third with better service all while paying back the city and the ISP at those prices.

When operated like this for the last mile it is a utility. Necessary common infrastructure.

Comment Please stop the articles on climate change... (Score 0) 620

Same old shit; different day.

I am one of the deniers. I deny that the shit is going to get better. Stop preaching. Pretty please.

My house is on fire and all the exits are blocked. Stop telling me my house is on fire!

If your so high and mighty then you need to actually go profit on your superior knowledge and leave me alone.

Correct or not I don't want to join your doomsday religion.

Comment Everyone already know this. (Score 1) 166

NASA is a pork barrel project and isn't about space anymore. It was appropriate for the era of getting to the moon and should now get out of the space game and be replaced with separate organizations for supervision and mission funding of private contractors as has already begun. Going to the moon was actually about shifting the high cost of rocket development as well as putting a pretty face on large rocket tests. It was a PR thing. The defense department got their rocket tech which they were going to get one way or another but the public for it's money got modern satellite telecommunications and boosted electronics developments.

NASA over designs things with the greatest chance to work the first time but it takes longer and costs more. The economical way of design is to launch and use cheaper prototypes in the field and to actually want things to explode a good portion of the time. With every failure you improve the design and know what to look out for. It's simply too expensive and slow to try to anticipate everything. Better to be judicious and do your best and then learn as you go. Better to build ten rockets for the price of one and expect at least 7 to fail in the first batch. You ultimately succeed and do more for the same money.

Comment Simply Wrong (Score 1) 656

People should be free to believe and fantasize as they want. No one should be excluded for have different views. It's too much of a slippery slope. People should only be accountable for their actions and to a limited extent their ability to reasonably interact with others by the established consensus of a common code of conduct.

Just because a belief isn't from an established religion doesn't mean it can be arbitrarily discounted by the majority. There is way too much of this Social Justice bullshit going on. It's just code. Code should not be attached to any social addenda one way or the other. It's those that call for such that should be publicly outed and pitied for they are far more dangerous than those that think the world is flat.

Comment They have the audiance already... (Score 3, Interesting) 312

Finally a company ready to actually spend money and do the right thing by their customers.

Netflix is sending a message to all the old guard cable stations. They can and will cut out the middle man. They will not be extorted for content.

You keep trying to milk us more and more... fine, we'll make the shows ourselves.

It also wouldn't surprise me if netflix started up a sister company to cover and stream sports. More likely to partner with a company already in the biz though.

Comment How much for live browsing history of all senators (Score 1) 404

I imagine just that would be very valuable. What are they thinking about today.. what news sites do they use...

Also the porn history of all the senators would be very interesting.

I can imagine reporters suing ISP's now for info on the senators if they sell the info to others and not to them.

Comment Gtart taking material up funded by bonds (Score 2) 103

Seriously. Launch payloads of fuel, food and water into practical long term orbits. Fund it with stocks/bonds that people can publicly invest in such that they own a portion of that material in space. They can sell their stock openly.

And learn to maximize payload efficiency by taking up more supplies with every launch.

Then have drones that can ferry materials around in orbit. Refueling satellite thrusters and atomic cells on demand before they run out of fuel and burn up.

Comment A John Deer bonfire... (Score 4, Interesting) 500

Farmers should organize an event to burn old non repairable John Deer equipment and advertise their purchase of non John Deer equipment. And further sell t-shirts about how John Deer is no friend to the American farmer. Do this at the Forth of July celebrations. And have town hall meetings with speakers telling their Horror Stories about John Deer. Find another manufacturer and help promote them over John Deer. Some of them might even give you a deal on a trade in if you publicly destroy your John Deer. Do not stop until everyone currently on the board of directors and otherwise that are running the company are completely replaced.

In the meantime get the right to repair laws on the books.

Comment Re:Enough (Score 3, Insightful) 374


IT and engineering in general is an anti social interest. The best people in the industry are very independent and highly socially deficient if not emotionally deficient. Being on light on the autism spectrum is actually a job qualification.

Women simply are predominantly more social and less aggressive. Women are suited for IT management. The fewer women that are doing it the fewer women that want to do it.

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