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Comment It depends on the price. (Score 1) 200

If it's around 80K and can go 300 miles with a full load it would probably be worth it; at least for Los Angeles. Not for people that live in the boonies and commute 600 miles in a truck everyday.

The killer feature:

Automated swapable beds?
Completely swapable top vehicle on a battery frame? So get a dually, double cab, SUV, or standard truck. The SUV would be of interest to people that toe trailers.
Swapable batteries?

Comment Throttling vs Fast Lanes? (Score 2) 350

Someone please define what they are thinking. How can you not throttle and yet have fast lanes?

I'm thinking this is just double speak and is sponsored by the broadband companies in order to block state legislation.

I'm not against certain efforts to add priority levels to internet traffic like specifically for playing games but it would have to be paid by customers to the ISP's.

Comment Better to build your own amazon storage locker. (Score 1) 114

The article itself is crap.

The whole reason for this is neighborhoods where people will steal things from your porch which fortunately I have no problem with and also weather for people not fortunate enough to live in southern California. I do like the amazon storage lockers at the 7-11 down the street and use it simply for a certain level of privacy. At the house I currently reside in if I really wanted I could build a bolted down locker of my own while using amazons keybox. I can also imagine using such as system for the backyard gate.

Comment Tired of political correctness and agendas (Score 1) 439

Because of all this social agenda s*** I have to redefine words in my mind until I have evidence to the contrary.

Sexual Harassment = A man that had the balls to make a pass at a woman or ask to go out on a date.

Sexual Offender = Someone that got drunk and pissed on a tree.

Amber Alert = A disgruntled man that temporarily takes his own child because of a child custody case/situation.

As to the article/subject itself... men and women are different.(Why is that so hard to believe?) They have different but overlapping bell curves for aggressiveness. Compound that by a subject matter that attracts solitary people that generally have slight to moderate autistic anti-social issues.

Comment Missing the point... people need to hold onto it.. (Score 1) 52

The whole point of any currency is that you at least hold onto it for the short term of say a week to a month. The more people do that the more intrinsic value the currency has.

Official Bitcoin itself is flawed. Transactions take 15 minutes which unless your dealing with thousands of dollars is too long for your everyday POS transaction for coffee.

What they are describing is an escrow exchange stream. An automated stream system of currency conversions(in time). Nothing new or non obvious there.

It's basically tracks and predicts the value of a currency according to the unit of time(lag) it can faithfully get rid of it. For high end businesses will automatically treat e-coins as junk bonds. You can price your goods in your trusted currency and the system will suggest to you an exchange rate. When a customer buys with e-coin it will convert the e-coin to your preferred currency as quickly as possible.

Comment Re:Slow news day? (Score 1) 183

Thinking the same thing. Non-news. Who approved this? Of course they are a payment processor! It's so people don't need to give their credit cards numbers to a dozen people...

Second there is a high noise ratio between the number of people that sign up for an account and the number that actually need the service for the intended purpose.

Of those that actively use the service few are going to get money because they are new or simple don't have the content or viewer following. People that can make a living specifically doing YouTube videos need 20,000 active followers(that view their material in 48hrs).

Can you imagine the logistics problem Patreon has with people trying to use it to launder money or using it to collect from stolen credit cards.

Comment Re:Breach? (Score 2) 27

I was about to say the same thing. Unless there was a clear threat to release or sell the "information" (not the hack) to other parties this was ethical hacking. If he did the hack and hadn't come forward until tracked down then it would be another matter.

I think the writing is on the wall that all ethical hackers need to be represented by lawyers and one or more companies that specialize in this sort of thing and that can keep their names clear. It's not extortion. It's grey just like if you do a private adoption through a lawyer it's not considered selling a baby....

It's the companies that insist on things like NDA's.

Comment What don't people understand? (Score 2) 464

There is no basis for the inflated price. It's like junk bonds now; no rational thinking. I wouldn't be surprised if a government was behind it. The price will obvious self destruct and go down below market at witch time I probably will buy some for shits and giggles. I wouldn't be surprised if it went down to $200 per coin. The true value of bitcoin is in the number of people that hold onto them and won't sell them.

Comment Re:He's confusing free speech with Net Neutrality (Score 2) 349

I was about post ask asking what one has to do with the other...

I do believe it's an intentional redirect. Or maybe he is hinting that conservatives and republicans are being discriminated against by "liberal" internet media companies so this is pay back. That they don't pay any attention to the needs of such companies.

Comment What exactly is the big deal.... (Score 1) 155

It's more funny than it is offensive. The autocomplete combines partial phrases with nouns and verbs. Both sex and children are "popular" individual search terms. It is a false implication that the whole sentence is popular.

The computer doesn't know that to combine them in certain sentences is inappropriate. It's very simple programming and programming around these rare combinations is going to slow down webpages and the internet when you consider how many languages there are along with slang and double entendre's.

Stop being so politically correct.

Comment I can't wait to see what they do with drug plants (Score 1) 220

As to the actual story not sure how much they can as the FDA regulates licensed individuals doing business. Further in the US all "drugs" are defecto legal until they are specifically banned.

And when it comes to a therapy all one has to do is go to a country that doesn't care and or by extension just hop on a boat with a flag of said country and go into international waters.

But onto my topic.... There is absolutely going to be an underground movement both against government drug regulation and corporate drug monopolies. Plants/bacteria/mushrooms that are modified to effectively produce quality drugs both illegal and those requiring prescription. I think this is actually what they are more afraid of when it comes to garage genetics. Imagine a company coming up with a very expensive and needed drug... then overnight someone could release an easily grown plant into the wild that produces said drug cheaply... and unlike MJ it doesn't need to be an easily recognizable plant... governments can't test every plant in a forest or for that matter food and flower gardens.

Comment Problem is lateral gene transfer. (Score 4, Interesting) 66

Assuming we are talking about bacteria and viruses that multiple by binary cell devision the real threat is viruses. Viruses come in all shapes and sizes and you can not assume one will not recognize your cell and try to coopt it at which point it will absorb some of the DNA of that cell as well as deposit some of it's own DNA.

Often times lateral DNA transfers like this are innocuous but there is always the chance something unusual will happen.. Fortunately as mammels we won't have to worry about mutation and passing stuff onto our children for the most part as those cells are mostly protected in our bodies. The real threat is for cancers and new transferable diseases.

Comment Launch the supplies already.... (Score 0) 172

Can we focus on the rockets we already have and simply get resources into mars orbit?

Seriously we already have the tech for supplies and it doesn't matter if the trip take 2 years. We need to get around 30 supply depots and dropships into geo orbit around mars. Stuff like simply fuel and water. Raw materials to construct 3 shelters that can last 100 years and support 200-500 people each. Large construction and mining vehicles. Point is to bootstrap mining and manufacturing on mars. It's easier to get more supplies than you need early so nothing becomes an emergency. The rockets sending supplies can be cheaper and less reliable although really for supply runs between orbits you could strap an engine onto anything and or tow it.

That alone begs the question of low earth orbit objects. Makes more sense to boost them into a higher junk yard orbit. For instance the International Space Station. It's in LEO and is planned somewhere around 2024 to let it burn up in the atmosphere. Cheaper to boost it and send it to mars.

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