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Comment Search index = popularity? (Score 2) 243

Or maybe it's a reflection that nearly every developer out there knows C to some degree and doesn't have to search for help as much?

Maybe it means there are more older C devs that are more likely to go to a book than Stack overflow?

Either way, it's a garbage metric designed to generate lazy clickbait articles, like this one.

Comment Lasting power (Score 1) 294

The only way Chrome will have IE6 levels of influence is if web developers will have to support its quirks and bugs for a decade, even after new versions of Chrome come out.

It is possible if Google leaves bugs in place in future versions and intentionally starts a process if embrace extend extinguish. It could happen but we are not at IE6 levels of insidiousness.

Comment Re: Interesting. (Score 1) 165

Interesting, the gall stones were not like being stabbed for me (though I have never been shot or stabbed (or gave birth) to compare. I bet it depends on the shape and size of the stones, so either one could be worse.

My mom did tell me that gallstones were worse than childbirth. Coincidentally when I had them, I was the exact age she was when she had them.

Fortunately modern laparoscopic surgery got rid of the gall bladder with very little pain and only a few days of recovery.

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