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Comment Re:Slow? (Score 1) 237

Not here; they are unmarked white vans, I am not even sure they have a commercial transport sticker decal on them, though I could be wrong about that. The operators wear no uniforms.

Though I actually don't know they are contractors, I am guessing since the whole operation seems to be fly-by-night. Maybe different regions operate differently.

Comment Re:Yet another trek (Score 1) 243

Most of the first season of TNG was recycled scripts from TOS or abandoned scripts from the cancelled TOS Phase 2. And most of the first season of TNG was kind of bad.

I realize that both the public and executives have no tolerance for a slow start, and writing has greatly improved over the years... but it is what it is.

Comment Re:Slow? (Score 1) 237

"getting to know your carriers" What is this the 1950s? Or do you live in a small down where there is only one Amazon delivery person.

Amazon contacts random people in large cities. It will be delivered by a random person from an entirely unmarked van. Unless you order often, chances are good you will never see the same person twice.

Comment Slow? (Score 1) 237

Now that Amazon is contracting it's own delivery to shave costs, serviced has gone straight to shit.

Random delivery notification, inability to follow some directions like "leave on covered porch not out in the rain by mailbox you fucktard." Items randomly disappearing.

Delivery notifications are entirely useless. I'll get notified of a delivery then have the item show up 5 hours later. I assume it's so they can report to Amazon that it was delivered on time.

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