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Comment Re:Point taken. (Score 1) 599

they probably could just extract when physically connected, but the delay in the data may erase a lot of the value. I am thinking they could use a scaled down transmit plan by default, and just let the data trickle out... think SMS vs. voice . If users purchase the full data transmit plan then it becomes cheaper to run the fleet for the manufacturer. This all depends on the willingness and value that this connection could provide, but if the kindle can give free 3g, then I think a car can find the cash to pay for a small occasional transfer.

Comment Re:And that is why.... (Score 1) 599

the Atlanta rules are just for emissions though. I have been in places like boston where the inspection is a full vehicle inspection. You dont get a tag if your brakes arent good, tires arent safe, lights arent functioning, etc . ( FU Boston, I liked my tint!) The amount of cars driving around Atlanta with 1 or 2 brake lights not on shows that they arent looking for anything else but the tailpipe and gas cap.

Comment Re:Point taken. (Score 1) 599

I think the issue is that the "radio" is now the same capabilities as your phone/tablet. You get the radio, voice commands to control songs, possibly even certain car features, and the maps feature is built right in, just like on your phone. The choice is being built out of the available options as that is the primary control of the interior features.

Comment Re:This just in, spy wants spy rules to stay (Score 3, Interesting) 316

are you saying that it is ok for them to defend attacks that may originate outside the borders by spying on people within the borders, but then have no responsibility for not stopping things as it isnt their job? If it isnt their job, then dont do it, problem solved. If they say the goal is to stop attacks, and they need complete autonomy in their behavior, then they are 100% failures every time something happens. You cant play both sides of the coin.

As they havent been stopping things, and things are a decided rarity, how about they quit their nonsense and start following the real laws of this country ( not the ones that arent constitutional and cant be challenged ) .

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 285

uhm, my kids are exposed to what I do. I limit games in front of them, and the times that I play them, but every now and then they see something, and this is what they are learning. I do not plan on starting a classroom setting of video game exposure to bring them through history to ingrain a proper appreciation of capability and context of gaming and platforms. that is just stupid.

When my son was 2 or 3 , I found an entirely stupid browser based halo that was in the style of an old atari. he loved moving the green guy around. he found angry birds and fruit ninja on my phone... more exposure. I have tried playing with him on the Wii, but he doesnt really like to sort out the amount of stuff on the screen, or deal with many buttons. When the kids feel like doing those things then they will .

We spend far more time bouncing a ball in the street or making skid marks while practicing riding a bike than any game stuff.

Comment Re:So upgrade already (Score 1) 829

those arent remotely similar cases. Do you expect the manufacturer of the boom box or the instruments to handle all maintenance of the items FOR FREE, forever? If you just dont treat xp poorly, it will keep working. Dont change the hardware to anything that wasnt available 10 years ago, and it will keep working. new problems and functionality are not MS responsibility anymore. They are addressing all of this with new products. makes no sense to keep things going forever.

Does that boom box play mp3s off of a DVD. Does it have a USB port , in or out? How about bluetooth? didnt think so.

Comment Re:So upgrade already (Score 1) 829

and all of those people that downgraded knew what the length of time was going to be for available support. So either people werent willing to buy upgrades, or they bought the upgrades and chose to use the old stuff even though microsoft was telling them that " you CAN do that, and as a customer we will allow it, but we do not recommend it" while being totally open with their timeframes. I am not a microsoft supporter or user, but I still cant find where this is there fault.

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