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Comment Re:And now skype (Score 5, Informative) 635

According to the summary(That you obviously didn't read), she only has a FB account that's linked to her real life identity.

Her sex-work identity is not on the social network at all

There is no other account for FB to conclude is owned by the same person.

Whatever is happening isn't what you think is.


Comment Re:FFS (Score 0, Troll) 252

Anyway - in this particular case, Russia's proxies purchased ads during the compaign season

This may well be true but I have yet to hear anyone make the case that the ads were lies. I am hearing the complaint that Russian proxies influenced the election with the silent concession that the manipulation consisted of telling the truth about Hillary.


Comment Re:Wait, who thought they were libertarians? (Score 1) 308

The right gets us into wars? Do you mean like the wars that Hillary Clinton and John Kerry voted for in 2003? Do you mean like the one that Barack Obama escalated in 2009?

I'm not blaming the left for these, the right is just as guilty. My point is that both wings are involved in waging unnecessary wars.

There are PLENTY of far right wingers in CA that continue to cause major harm.

California hasn't had a majority of right-wing voters since 1988. The disaster the state has become is not on us.

But the real issue is that your party has been cheating at so much and does not care 1 whit about our nation.

If that was the case, they would have cheated to beat Obama.

We DESPERATELY need a NEW 3rd party that consist of moderates, with a strong fiscal conservative attitude.

I would settle for an incoming class of elected officials who are not for sale. For example, I'm not a Bernie Bro but I do respect Bernie because he doesn't appear to be for sale, like most others.


Comment It doesn't make sense to do it at the home. (Score 1) 172

Why not sell the technology in bulk to municipal water treatment facilities and let them remove the plastic microfibers before the water is discharged? They already have to deal with the issue of biosolids from wastewater. They would be more apt to recycle the end product as opposed to home users who would be more likely to throw them away than to recycle them.


Comment Re:Wait, who thought they were libertarians? (Score 1) 308

u obviously do not have a grasp of what the LP stands for.

Let's just ignore, for a now, the difference between libertarians (small "L") and the Libertarian Party ("big "L") and say that you're supposed to stand for freedom. In the place where tech is centered (California, currently), the largest threat to freedom is the political left. If tech was centered in Texas or Alabama, the threat to freedom would be the political right.

We oppose not only the far left, but also, ppl like you on the far right who love your fascists approaches to America.

You know nothing about me or what I advocate. Like far too many big "L" Libertarians, you just enjoy being contrarian.


Comment Re:Nobody did (Score 1) 308

Sounds more like yet another slashdot poster with a silly agenda to smear libertarianism.

Not at all. I have a great affinity for libertarians (small "L"). I referred to California leftists because California is where tech is centered. Perhaps in 20 years, the more appropriate description would be the grip that the political right has on Texas but that isn't the current situation.

I say "silly" because libertarianism is so far removed from mainstream politics that attacking them is like stomping on ants when the elephants are stampeding.

I'm still uncertain as to why you interpreted my statement as an attack. It was not.


Comment Re:Wait, who thought they were libertarians? (Score 1) 308

And we're responsible for your lack of perception?

No but you are responsible for the lack of your own.

You could have noted any number of things including their opposition to mindless marijuana criminalization, but decided to do otherwise.

Their lack of opposition to California's restrictive gun laws discounts libertarianism as the source of their opposition to the stupidity of marijuana prohibition. If they were libertarians, they would be in support of both freedom of religion and freedom from it. If they were libertarians, at least some of them would have spoken out against the suppression of free speech on college campuses(or campi, if you prefer).

We're dealing with old fashioned, run of the mill, political leftists.

That would require changing the Republican Party to be less addicted to having a stranglehold among the Solid South.

Libertarians aren't defined by what Democrats or Republicans do.


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