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Comment Re:I think our etiology of antibiotic resistance i (Score 1) 433

Two points:

I have used sterilized kitchen knives to lance the infection

Remind me never to eat at your house ;), and


because it's easier than teaching people to soak infected fingers in hot salt water

I think you typoed "more profitable". Simple mistake to make, the keys are right next to each other.

Comment Re:Hidden SSID is not the Answer... (Score 1) 284

That's all very exciting, but a) I bought my modem from MicroCenter and qesturylink knows nothing about the WIFI side of it, and b) centuryqwest knows nothing about the WIFI side of it. So again, perhaps you can answer my question: why does your upstream ISP's router KNOW or CARE about the __WIFI__ side of your modem? And if said modem has a single ethernet port connected to <whatever>, and *that* whatever has a WIFI radio, how does the ISP's router KNOW or CARE about that WIFI interface's MAC address?

You say "ISP needs to know your device's MAC to ensure people don't fuck with shit". That is not under dispute, but you seem to be conflating the WIFI interface with the ISP's connection to your modem, which are (unless you have a WISP, and somehow are communicating with said WISP _and_ local devices over the same radio) completely separate.

ISP <---------> [ISP-side (DSL or cable connection) modem WIFI] <--------> local devices (laptop, etc).

Please, tell me HOW or WHY your ISP should care about the WIFI interface there? You can't, can you? Do you even understand the question?

Comment Re:Hidden SSID is not the Answer... (Score 1) 284

Yes, that's fine, but why is your modem sending it's WIFI-side MAC upstream to the router, and not the router-side MAC? Does the device not have two interfaces? What am I missing here? My shitty whatever-the-hell-it-is-brand wifi DSL modem has a WIFI interface and a DSL interface with two different MACs. Pretty damn sure that centuryqwestlink doesn't know (or care) about the WIFI side.

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