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Comment Re:Misdirection (Score 1) 1147

Installing the average Linux distro is no longer hard either, and hasn't been for a few years, but that doesn't stop idiots from claiming it is when they're trying to come up with arguments against using that OS. Funny how that works, eh?

BSODs are caused by bad drivers and/or bad hardware, nothing more. Fix that and they go away. It's that simple. I'd feel stupid if I claimed my car sucks because I was putting in the wrong transmission fluid, so to fix the problem I just bought another car.

Comment Re:to the casual observer (Score 3, Insightful) 570

not very successful proprietary virtual machine and framework

So .NET is not successful? Can you please explain why, exactly, a technology that counts millions of active developers and thousands of products is not "successful"? What exactly constitutes success, in your book?

has been partially abandoned by its own masters

Uh, abandoned how, exactly? Please be specific, you were modded up for your comment so I assume you have more than just a Slashdot-style FOSS advocacy blurb here to back it up.

You might recall Microsoft spent like three years rewriting parts of Windows in .NET

You might recall that they did indeed rewrite parts of Windows in .NET, like the management console subsystem and several tools like PowerShell. Were you expecting them to rewrite the whole thing in C#, and is that why you claim .NET is not successful? And please, I'd like to see some evidence that they didn't do something they claimed they were going to do in Vista with .NET, because as far as I remember they did exactly what they said they would - nothing more and nothing less.

Maybe we can learn from their very expensive learning experience?

Maybe you can cut down on the impressive-sounding hyperbole a bit. I feel liked I just walked into the Slashdot Spin Zone(TM) here.

Comment Re:Nice (Score 1) 8

Why don't you take a seat over there... those nice gentlemen want to have a word with you :)

Rimshot! :) I guess it's OK. Finding what does what on the runtime is complicated, but the docs are good. And I suppose if you're careful you can write secure apps with it. Wikipedia and a ton of other high-traffic sites seem to do well. It is kind of weird to be back in an ASP-like environment... except without a decent debugger.

So I don't even go there, even when it might make sense. On the other hand, when it does make sense and the conditions are right, I rarely hesitate. Especially when it's on my dime.

Not in a million years. Regardless of the underlying philosophy, I'd hang myself before being seen managing a large (>100K+ LOC) codebase written in a language without compile-time checking.

Comment Re:Not a vulnerability (Score 1) 431

I don't think anyone would blame Microsoft for user-installed malware.

People do, in fact. They simply lump those into the "Windows is insecure" mantra. Statistically the number of actual vulnerabilities that have not been patched and have an exploit in the wild (which would be a good example of security breakdown) are rare.

Comment Not a vulnerability (Score 0, Flamebait) 431

But like many a Windows trojan/malware that relied on user intervention to get its foot in the door, I don't see why this cannot be blamed on Apple's "sloppy code" (to draw a parallel with the same things that get blamed on Microsoft).

A Unix-like system with a root account is not superior to an NT box, even when used by someone who runs under a non-privileged account but cannot be bothered to exercise some damn common sense wrt what they put on their computers.

As their numbers grow, I expect masses of stupid Apple users (probably the same stupid Windows users that migrated to OS X to be "safe") to do things like enter their root password into browser add-ons because they are asked for it, and download "cool" screensavers and pirated software like this, loaded with malware. Membership in botnets cannot be far behind at that point.

And then when Apple machines get hit by exploits to vulnerabilities that have been patched for three months which users can't be bothered to install updates for, all will be good.

And guess what OS will be next up.

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