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Comment You are not going to get an answer you like..... (Score 1) 913

People that value degrees value the entire package. The full well rounded education.

People that have suffered through those long programs spend their lives looking for ways to use that info, and thus will often come up with stories about how some essay they wrote helped them through a problem.

Everyone pulls on challenges they have overcome to help solve new problems. For many people, university is where they were challenged the most often, and for some the only time they were. So it's logical to pull from those experiences and see them as valuable.

If you went off an joined the peace core and did that for four years, overcoming many obstacles you were go on in life pulling from those experiences and telling young people how everyone should join the peace core.

Personally I loved much of the gen education stuff. Law, History etc. Found the English classes rather tiresome to be honest.

However, it's VERY hard to learn if you either don't see value, or resent being forced to learn it. Based on your post I would say you don't need college right now. Keep working, focus, learn, and enjoy it. Learn as fast as you can. In 10 or so years, when you want to learn something new go then you can go to university and learn something like art history or physics. Go when you actually want to, and you will get something out of it, much out of it.

However asking such a question here is rather silly. Those of us who have degrees with talk of all the value of our tribulations and explain that you should just "grow up" and do it. Those of us that don't have degrees will tell you how wonderful our choices were as well I’m sure.

Follow your gut, you know what you need to do, and what you want to do. Will you get something out of all those GE classes? Sure, some are awesome and will force your mind into new areas. Are you a bad or incomplete soul if you get that in other ways? Of course not.

But remember, most people out there have degrees. And those of us who have suffered through our degrees will often resent and look down on those who try to do go without. Many don't want you to succeed and will try to prevent you from doing so. Keep in mind, If you do, it means we may have wasted our time. So without a degree, you will always face challenges, and downward eyes, and disrespect. Often not warranted or justified, but such is life.

So either join the club, or don't. You can't have a foot in both camps. And either camp will attack you for trying ;-)

Comment WOW, what a narrow view.... (Score 1) 913

Being an Engineer is more a method of approaching problems and a personality disposition than some piece of paper. While yes I value the engineering education I got, at the same time I have met many good engineers with a degree in another field. I have also met those with engineering degrees that I do NOT consider engineers.

If you are going to follow your line of thought, you might as well do something silly like have a national exam that all engineers have to pass with some equivalent of a Hippocratic oath and a secret handshake.

Comment What a bunch of knuckle heads... (Score 1) 575

Even if they didn't explicitly blame Anonymous for the attack to even talk of them just shows ignorance.

The loosely formed group sometimes known as "anonymous" are not a for profit organization.

If the goal was $$, this was probably done for bid, or by groups looking to make a profit off the results.

Not a political or statement based event.


Comment That isn't always true.... (Score 1) 137

For some App, Data Center RAID works well. Build 10 low cost data centers, mirror 5->5, run like the wind.

However, due to the transactional nature of some Applications this is not true.

For example, Google's model works great for search.

However it didn't keep those 150,000 users from loosing their data did it?

Once the transaction is done, you can sync the results, but a failure mid transaction can be VERY bad.

Comment I'm moving toward human-free data centers..... (Score 3, Insightful) 137

It's not that I don't like humans, hell I married one. However humans are unpredictable. Applications want and need predictable hardware to live on. Even in a "CLOUD" with floating VMs that fly around like Unicorns you want stable predictable hardware underneath.

Humans trip on things, excrete fluids and gases, need oxygen, light, are temperature sensitive and depending on who's stats you believe cause up to 70% of outages.

I see convergence, virtualization etc as a chance to finally get humans OUT of the data center. Build it out, cable everything. Then seal it. Interaction does NOT require physical access. And a team of dedicated obsessive compulsive robots or humans can replace memory, drives etc.

Data Centers need to be human FREE zones. Not the common room in a dorm.

Comment This is just down right ridiculous. (Score 0) 218

The Music industry for EVER has been one of the most corrupt, evil businesses in the world. The only way to make money as an artist is to tour. Record sale profits are a joke.

Apple "piece" of the pie is nothing compared to what record companies do.

In a few years all the record companies will finally DIE. Artists will create/produce music on their OWN in their HOMEs or at private studios (for a fee). And then sell them DIRECTLY to customers via download servers like iTunes and others. Apple and any other company that hosts and shares this music deserve a piece, say 30% or something. And the rest needs to go to the ARTIST.

The only reason this sucks is because the download company (in the case Apple) and the Artists are fighting over the scraps the Record labels leave on the ground.

Once it's just ARTIST->Digital-Distributer->User this will balance out and start to be somewhat fair.

This guy is just bitter that his business plan isn't working.

It's not like Apple locks the music. You can take anything from iTunes and do whatever you want with it. It's YOUR music.

Don't bitch, evolve.

Comment I will admit though, performance is impressive.... (Score 3, Interesting) 87

With no tuning (other than Jumbo frames for FCoE) I was able to get 9.7Gb/s using FCoE over 10Gb ethernet.

While 16Gb FCP/FC is around the corner, you will be able to run FCoE over 40Gb and 100Gb ethernet in 2-3 yrs. (at MUCH $$)

Keep in mind however, iSCSI has been around for over 10yrs now. These things take time to grow, mature, attach.

So lets wait a few more years before declaring anything dead or alive =)

And keep in mind, FCoE is not meant to replace FCP/FC, its meant to fix what is keeping iSCSI from doing better.

Comment My Experience and Observations (Score 1) 491

I have been both the Flake, and earlier the Heretic.

My personal feeling and experience is that these people are just missurable. I know for much of it I was. And this was for many reasons.

1.) Many "smarter than the average bear" folks are VERY aware of their faults, and thus are quite insecure about certain things (while over confident in others).
2.) It's very hard to make and keep friends when you are this way. Many end up embrassing this wearing t-shirts that say " Doesn't Play Well with Others"
3.) Many have personal challenges like ADD, ADHD, Obsessive/Compulsive, Asperger's etc. If they don't know, or refuse help, this can make them VERY difficult.
4.) Many have been this way their whole lives and honestly have NO idea they are how they are.

I know it's hard, but have some pity. Trust me, anyone who makes others unhappy is very often REALLY unhappy themselves.

Comment Silly, mainly don't lie, cheat or steal. (Score 1) 842

While that may sound silly, in 15 yrs you will look back at my comment and laugh sadly

Other good ideas?

Try to be consistent. Realize that everything you create is an opportunity to impress. Know that sometimes wisdom is showned by NOT talking. Yes, even if you ARE right.

You will once some day loose a job suddenly, plan for it, don't fear it. Often it's for no reason you have control over.

Do what you love, you will do it 10x better than stuff you don't.

Try to error on the side of yes, you wan't to be seen as helpful.

learn how to say NO otherwise you will end up on drugs, prescription or otherwise

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