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Comment Re:It’s access to all devices managed by the (Score 1) 12

What's not mentioned in the writeup is how totally dysfunctional the market is when it comes to these security vulns. If this had been anything else, e.g. a safety issue in some consumer product, then there'd be a major recall, fines, media coverage, you name it. In this case, with a serious security vuln, the vendor basically ignored it, and nothing happened.

And that's why the IoS is in the state it is. You can't make a product so unsafe/insecure that people won't keep buying it.

Comment Re:What is the solution to printing rarely? (Score 1) 216

I always buy ex-business/lease printers for the friends&family support network. They're built like tanks, run forever, and a single toner cartridge will run for 5-10,000 pages, a lifetime supply for most people. Since they're ex-business/lease they've been maintained, and you can get them for $20-50 for a formerly $1,000 printer.

Comment Re:Not everything need story be encrypted (Score 0) 244

There's also a huge difference between "encrypted" and "secure". The headline should really read "Firefox Prepares To Mark All Otherwise OK Sites that Haven't got a Free Cert from Lets Encrypt or Comodo 'Not Secure'". Since Let's Encrypt and Comodo will happily hand out certs to phishers, crooks, fraudsters, and scammers, and any crook worth their salt will get a cert because of the way browsers pretend this makes the site better, the adverse-selection principle means you may be safer on a non-HTTPS site.

Comment Re:how about just pollution. (Score 1) 233

Sick building syndrome. A 1950s brutalist bunker, probably filled with asbestos and other toxic building materials, that sat mostly unused and undermaintained for decades and was only fully reoccupied a few years ago. You don't need to resort to alien mind-control-rays or similar to come up with things that would affect people working in that environment.

Comment Re:What's the problem? (Score 4, Insightful) 327

Even when he did his own research, stumbling across EFF's website on fair use, he still would not believe me.

Your son has all the makings of a fine upstanding citizen-unit. Obey, Consume, Conform, Submit, Marry and reproduce, No independent thought. Buy, Watch TV. Do not question authority.

Comment Re:Perhaps... (Score 1) 38

Unfortunately it seems like they're going to keep pushing thinness, sleek aluminium and glass design

That's an unfortunate side-effect of having the design driven by hipsters rather than engineers. I really, really, really don't care if some phone is 0.1mm thinner than someone else's (or 1mm, or 2mm, who'll even notice?), I just want good battery life.

Unfortunately the hipsters have dictated that it has to be thin, and who cares if half the phone users on the planet have to carry external battery packs with them wherever they go, look at how hip and thin it is!

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