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Comment Re:Is the production of new vehicles accounted for (Score 1) 375

Something is going to need to be developed for quick charging (either battery pack swaps - which doesn't yet exist and there's no standard battery form for it to exist with any electric car that currently exist or is on the drawing board) or charging in pretty much every car park - and currently, there are no plans to add this.

At the moment most BEV owners charge overnight at home, but where I live, less than 50% of the housing stock has off street parking. Currently, although my driving habits are otherwise perfect for owning a BEV, the fact I don't have off street parking is a complete show stopper. There's nowhere I could charge the vehicle.

Comment Re:Objectively: is XP the least secure Windows? (Score 1) 232

XP might not be targeted by generic botnet/ransomware/etc type of attacks, but targeted attacks (e.g. an attacker who specifically wants to steal data from a British police force) will find it much easier to develop an exploit to do so from a static target that's full of security weaknesses and is not being patched.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 2) 632

If you think this is a consequence of an increased minimum wage, you're dead wrong.

The kiosks will at most have a TCO of about 50 cents an hour. Unless you advocate reducing minimum wage to under 50 cents an hour, the minimum wage has absolutely no bearing on whether these kiosks go in or not: they are inevitable.

Further more, at least the one McDonald's store we have here, headcount *has not been reduced*. The kiosks have gone in but they still employ the same number of staff except now they use those staff to give better customer service: there is now waiter service - order from the kiosk, indicate where you are, and you get table service. There are no longer long queues snaking out of the door since the staff can be completely occupied with making up the orders and delivering them and not having to take the orders as well, so service is not only better but faster.

Comment Re:USA, last in line. (Score 1) 632

And as far as I can tell, headcount hasn't reduced and there are no longer queues snaking out the door. It's an example of where automation has been a win for everyone: customer service improved (table service, long queues are a thing of the past), no staff got laid off, and efficiency went up.

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