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Comment Re:Did she follow the rules? (Score 1) 27

That's possibly true - and totally cool on the reordering of things - that makes more sense. Tom Petty is actually a bit of an asshole, but I agree with him on this, and not just for political reasons. As an artist, I would be horrified if someone took one of my songs and used it to promote a different message than the one I had intended.

Comment Did she follow the rules? (Score 1) 27

Sadly for Mr. Petty, most record companies (who would sell their grandmothers for a nickle) have a straight license for a fee model with songs that any politician can legally pay for and then use. Did Bachmann pay up, or is she outright stealing the song? No, I didn't read the F***ing article - I've seen enough of her DERP in the last two days. First the Jown Wayne Gacy / John Wayne "confusion", and then insisting that a 9 year old boy who later when on to fight slavery was a "founding father". This is just par for the course for Derpchele Derpmann.

Comment If I wrote the news... (Score 5, Funny) 352

"IT departments everywhere noted huge gains in productivity today, as LulzSec announced it was taking Eve Online, offline. 'We don't know what happened exactly, but the whole tech crew start screaming about their crack being gone, and suddenly things started to get fixed. Oh - and they all even took showers.'"

Comment Re:Ask them (Score 1) 182

Who is your QSA? Who ever it is, they're giving you terrible advice. That should have been as simple as pointing out to them that the website was not part of the card holder environment, and as such, PCI didn't apply to it anyway. If they don't know that, you don't want to deal with them anyway.

Also, PCI is strictly mandatory - if you want to accept credit cards. Mandatory compliance came into the picture in 2008.

Lastly, with the new 2.0 spec, you are supposed to be taking a risk based approach to compliance, which makes pretty much everything you've posted to the contrary laughable.

Comment Ask them (Score 1) 182

Ask them what their security plan is? How often do they conduct internal and external security scans? Do they conform to any security standards, like NIST, SANS, or even PCI? Also, ensure you have permission to conduct your own security scans, and ask them if you get results where there is a CVSS score of 4.0 or greater.

Comment Re:tomhudson, please: Enough w/ sockpuppets alread (Score 1) 79

I think I speak for most of civilized society when I say, you can't articulate your points at all, you don't grasp simple logic (the absence of proof of something is not proof of something in and of itself), and you're extremely annoying. Please go die in a fire. You Have Been Trolled. Fuck Off And Die. Hope That Helps.

Comment Re:Odd Binning (Score 1) 264

No, either your displays at work don't count, or your plasma tv doesn't count, because you aren't using them all at the same time, never mind using them all as non-tv display devices.

But, that makes no sense. The thread clearly isn't about simultaneous use - people have been quoting everything that isn't used as a TV, which is what I did. I have two additional TV's that I didn't list - why? Because they're used as a TV. That plasma, while technically a TV, is not ever used for that. Hell, I've never even tried to use it's tuner.

Comment Re:Wait? They won't (Score 1) 11

Wow. You must be running some Debian from a parallel universe. We've used it at work for many years, and have never had a problem.

We also support and allow folks to use Ubuntu. The only real quality I see to Ubuntu is showing folks how to do something the wrong way, so that they can decide to go back to Debian.

There's a reason why there are 3x as many exploits for Ubuntu as there are for Debian: Ubuntu pulls their packages from SID, which has no security checking.

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