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Comment Re:I'm starting to warm up to the idea .... (Score 1) 105

Ditto. I drive 45 miles every day. Sometimes 70. I have a garage where it can charge.
3-4 times a year I drive to a location where I will need to charge to get home again.
Sadly, around here in Denmark, our anti-green goverment have added the taxes back on EVs. So we will after a few years have a 150% on EVs too, like reqular cars.
Right now it is "only" 40% tax.
And so, Chevy/Opel, won't even bother to sell the Bolt here(as the Ampera-e). I would have bought it if I could buy it at the old price without anything except the 25% sales tax, without th 40% on top.

Comment Social media are evil. (Score 0) 320

I don't use Facebook or twitter anymore, I never really liked them but I had to try it of couse, but once you had found your old classmates, had a party, discovered that you had notning in common, I really disliked most people when they were on facebook, or at least the facebook version of them.

I feel like these social media platforms encourage people to be narcissistic assholes. Being a genuinely good person of value to your surroundings and local community are of no value, unless of course that you are ready, camera in hand to document it all.
What matters are being the loudest voice, the biggest victim, the most outraged couch potato.
I don't feel like it enhances anything that's good about humanity but amplifies all that is bad for a healthy community. It's the way that content are rated by likes and that people are in their own filter bubble of reality.

Comment Re:Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 (Score 1) 264

I have flown 2-3 times a year between Copenhagen and the US on the 787, and it was a very pleasant experience. I have managed to sleep on the entire flight after dinner and only woke up twice to sip a bit of water. But it was on their premium seats where you can put the seat much more horizontal and there's a foot rest as well. I have never been able to sleep on a plane before. It was quite strange/depressing to go to sleep after taking of in the warm weather and then waking up in show in Copenhagen, but I was well rested. :)
Their premium seats are a bit more than twice the price of the economy,(around 1200$ instead of 520$) and well worth it for me, at least the times when I fly alone and I don't know who I am going to be seated next to. :D In economy, they don't recline enough for me to prevent my head from tilting forwards.

  I believe you now can bid on a upgrade and then save some money. A colleague of mine, managed to get it for around 900$ from Copenhagen to SFO(portland).

The air doesn't smell bad and I believe that they use compressors dedicated to cabin pressure instead of the compressor stage of the engines, but I don't know much about these things.

Comment We have some of those at work as well. (Score 4, Interesting) 237

Stacking bins on pallets that goes out to the supermarkets for all those items that does not require refrigeration.
The software knows the layout of the supermarket so the bins that ends up on top, are for those shelves closest to the back entrance and the ones at the bottom are furthest away.
The arm that stacking the bins, are getting them in the right order from the automated warehouse holding the bins.
Humans are (still) involved packing the bins with goods from other bins and pallets from a larger automated warehouse.
The area where goods are moved by humans are a decreasing area for pallets moved by forklifts controlled by humans, but they are just following orders on a screen so they are not making any decisions at all. And more and more of the pallets are in a fully autoautomated warehouse.

In the beginning there were some problems that require humans to see it, and who knows perhaps it still exists. The human controlled forklifts told us that they sometimes got an order to move the same pallet multiple times in a few hours between storage locations. So the system was kinda doing defragmentation until everything was placed like it wanted it to be. :)

Comment Re: After 2021 (Score 2) 177

Why would AC matter that much? These EVs have sometimes a 60kWh battery.
My split unit mitsubishi usually hovers around 300W and manages to keep things cool. It uses 600-700W when cooling things down.
So lets say a car AC to uses 2kW to keep a car cool, that's 1,2 percent of the battery capacity pr hour?
What am I missing from the equation? Do they use more than 2000 watt?

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