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Comment Not a theory (Score 4, Informative) 199

It brings in jobs, and the workers pay taxes. At least that's the theory.

As someone who pays state income and sales taxes, I assure you it is no theory.

Even if you give a company a lot of tax breaks there is by necessity a TON of revenue brought to a region that has any large company. It's not just the workers, but all of the support that goes into a large office - construction, office supplies, cleaning, etc.

On top of that a few larger businesses generally attract other businesses to the region as well. It has a halo effect when a large company someplace well enough to set up a large office there,

Comment Does not follow (Score 1) 252

So getting all your email isn't a concern

Here I assume you mean someone ELSE getting my email? Honestly that is less of a concern to me than Google having more information on me, yes.

That said Google already has my phone number through lots of other means so I',m not sure I care that much. Still have not turned on two-factor because I use secure passwords (yes I know two-factor would still be better). One impediment is having to re-enter passwords across several devices after I switch over.

Comment After reading article... (Score 2) 252

OK, after reading the article I see that the app is not accessing data from the other companies, just mimicking that data...

However this is wrong (speaking about traffic shaping):

Such âoeprioritizationâ or data discrimination violates one of the core tenets of net neutrality,

That is totally false. It is only when you are discriminated by origin, not type, that you are violating network neutrality. Can all of the technical users on Slashdot agree that traffic shaping is useful and valid for all networks?

Why DOES it make any sense for streaming video to be fed to you way faster than it takes to actually play? All it would do is advance the buffer faster, but probably at the expense of other traffic that was more immediate, like web page data, or for a cellular network means other users of a tower have reduced bandwidth.

I still disagree that this app is showing the user anything useful, because most people cannot understand the nuances of traffic shaping, and when it helps or hurts them....

Comment Summary is a ball of confusion (Score -1, Troll) 185

The planet's global surface temperature last year was second warmest since 1880...both analyses show that the five warmest years on record have all taken place since 2010

1880 happened since 2010?

Just saying, if y'all are going to make up stories, you probably should try a little hardy to keep those stories straight.

Why not just skip all the tedious data manipulation and every month just put up a simple message that simply says "FREAK THE FUCK OUT EVERYONE".

Comment Knowledge of what though (Score 1) 252

I don't think the app should have been blocked, but I question the use of it.

You run the app, and because the internet is what it is different sources yield different speeds. Now what?

You can't say for sure it's your ISP slowing down anything. But the app sure is implying that is the case. So this app would basically get a lot of people riled up where there may not be any reason to do so.

If it were billed as a "check your speed for your favorite streaming provider" it may have even gone through, I think its the message the app is sending that has Apple not letting it in. But another possibility is this - all this app does is cause a data load on other services. That seems a bit wrong somehow, like writing a DDOS app and then complaining Apple will not approve it... I would think speed test apps from individual services (like a Netflix spreed test app) would easily be approved because they are inducing data loads on servers that the company expects.

Comment Less water does not make sense (Score 1) 349

If the average temperature does rise, that means more water in the atmosphere due to greater evaporation of the oceans. How anyone can make the claim there will be "less water" with absolutely zero data to back that up nor any historical precedent for changing climate zones, is beyond me,

Comment Also raises (from cut and otherwise) (Score 2) 274

Bonuses..not raises.

In fact some companies are giving out raises... including WalMart, so that report of WalMart saving more in layoffs than they spend in bonuses is kind of #FakeNews since as you point out, raises will be around forever.

But also even those not giving out raises - the employees get raises ANYWAY because withholding from each paycheck will be lower. People all over the US are seeing higher paychecks now, because of the supposedly deadly tax bill passing...

Comment Re:And so it is (Score 1) 152

An example may be I'm in an office with chargers, and I find the snow down irritating.

Then why would you not have it plugged in - at which point there would be no slowdown...

Why would your personal preference of battery over performance only apply to a degraded battery?

It doesn't - but there's already a low power mode switch for exactly that scenario.

Comment And so it is (Score 0, Troll) 152

And that is exactly what Apple has done; provided a toggle so people can turn this off if they like phones that do not last as long on battery when the batteries age.

Why would anyone flip that switch? I'm personally not sure, but that's how every other phone in the world works today so...

Comment Not free. Freed. (Score 2) 274

remember who to thank when we have to pay

Why would we have to pay anything? It's on Apple. And other companies...

Apple alone is paying $38 billion in taxes to bring cash back to the US.

And (in the article) it notes Apple plans to spend over $350 billion in the U.S. over the next five years thanks to all of the cash it can bring back. All of that spending will also be taxed... along with the 200k employees Apple plans to hire.

Apple is not the only company in this same boat, many others have stashed funds overseas waiting until the taxes were low enough to bring back cash. So that is vast sums freed for spending in the U.S. which again will bring in a Yuge amount of tax revenue.

It's not "Free money". It's "Freed Money". It's been liberated from the cellar, allowed to see the light of day and explore the world at last, where it can finally do some good.

Comment That's three out of 100+ - and of course !Apple (Score 2, Informative) 274

That is three, out of over 100.... the original claim was "every" company giving bonuses was doing layoffs.

So, #FakeNews (aka Bullshit)

That list was before Apple too. Looks like the wave continues, and Apple alone is hiring 200k people over the next five years. Again when you say "every" company is doing layoffs in the very story where the company giving bonuses is hiring... well, #FakeNews.

Thanks Trump! (I added that last part just for you to enjoy).

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