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Submission + - Yahoo! doesn't take phishing seriously

Hans Kwint writes: "Even when trying to report a phishing mail to Yahoo! several times by means of e-mail and calling them several times, the people at Yahoo! don't seem to react, and the mails bounce. Yahoo! doesn't block phishing mails, even though they are technically capable of doing so. Therefore, Yahoo! is guilty of being complicit in case of a successful phishing attempt.

Full story by LXer-member DarenR114"
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - Do today's quiet SFF computers support GNU/Linux?

traderwill writes: I'm an older man who got into the Linux/FOSS "hobby" well into my retirement 10 years ago.
I like it but it's time to upgrade my original desktop tower with a completely new system.
The process has been frustrating because the local stores don't sell Linux systems, and I'm having trouble finding the right answer online. After a week, my questions at the different hardware forums are basically unanswered. I like the modern day SFF computers because they're very quiet and easy to move for long weekends and trips. I just want a computer like that with all the expected ports (USB, Parallel, Card Reader), CD/DVD drive, good sound. Even Linux-supported systems turn out to have no support for onboard sound, etc. Why is this turning out to be an impossible task? Can anyone suggest a model or a Linux-friendly SFF vendor? Whatever it is has to be supported 100% by GNU/Linux/FOSS, of course.
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Journal Journal: [NFL] A few words about the Indy/Ravens game 3


Fuck you Ray Lewis, fuck you Ed Reed, fuck you Terrel Suggs, and last, but certainly not least, FUCK YOU BRIAN BILLICK! I loved that disappointed and sad look instead of that smug one, you arrogant son of a bitch. I hope you get fired.

I kinda felt sorry for McNair, but, hey, he's the one that joined that piece of shit team.

For the record, I root for 2 teams, the Steelers, and whoever plays the Ravens.

Submission + - OSS Solutions for Web Journalism?

alexgieg writes: "Some friend and me are interested in creating a small site where we'll publish voluntary translations of up to 8 texts per month, and I will be responsible for the task of implementing it, since I'm the one among us who know a little about Linux, HTML, CSS and the like.

The features we will need are: support for simple and very light designs, since the site will be almost entirely composed of long texts; an easy way to add and edit these texts, with usernames and passwords for me and my friends; support for tags attributed by the submitter, if possible hierarchical ones (tagging a text "democracy" would automatically tag it "politics" too); ability to display all texts that have/pertains to such and such tags (let's say, selecting "democracy" and "philosophy" would show all articles that have both tags); and maybe ability to integrate with an OSS forum software. What is, or are, good OSS solutions for this?

In regards to the forums, we plan to have a topic for each translation published, as well as generic forums, since our idea is to also grow a community around the site, but not something integrated to the articles themselves, at most a link from the article to the its topic in the forums. However, I've heard a lot about serious bugs and lack of security on some of the most known forum software out there, and as I never installed any of them, I don't know how to choose an effective and secure solution. So, what are your suggestions also in the field of OSS forums?"
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Journal Journal: Ubuntu Is Installed & My Thoughts 3

First, thanks to all who helped out with my grub problem. I finally let it loose on the MBR and everything still works. That solved a major problem because I could now boot into my new installation. After that, I had to solve a couple more problems:

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Journal Journal: Letter to Congress regarding Iraq 2

Most Honorable Sir;

I opposed the Iraq war in its beginning. I have always felt that we need to have a responsible exit strategy, and that we need to be out as soon as possible. I think that the lack of WMD's in Iraq has vindicated my initial view, as Iraq today has become everything (with the exception of a nuclear threat) that Bush argued it was before we went in. It is now becoming clear that an American withdrawal from Iraq is inevitable in the near future.


AMD Aims At New Standard for Motherboards 156

alexwcovington writes "CBC reports that AMD is launching DTX, a new motherboard layout about the size of micro-ATX. Their goal is to provide a small, energy efficient board that's compatible with as much hardware as possible. In the DTX, they're hoping to produce a new standard for desktops, and somewhat reverse the decline in consumer interest. From the article: 'Most desktops still have motherboards that operate using a standard laid out in 1995 by Intel called ATX, which stands for Advanced Technology Extended. ATX was designed to allow everything from memory cards to mouse ports to have a standardized spot alongside the central processing unit on a typical desktop motherboard. While there have been other standards since, ATX remains the most common standard for desktops, though its design is not suited for smaller, more energy-efficient desktops, AMD said.' Ars Technica has further details on the board."
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Carol Zimmerman writes: "January 13th is
Free The Border Patrol Day
Join us and patriots around the nation as we protest the persecution of
Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos & Jose Compean
WHERE: Dirksen Federal Building, 219 S. Dearborn Street, Chicago
WHEN: Saturday, January 13th, 11a.m. to 1p.m.
The Chicago Minuteman Project, Minutemen Midwest, and Illinois & Indiana FIRE Coalition will join patriots around the country to answer the call from...
The American Freedom Riders and Friends
Protest The The Amnesty Agenda of President George Bush
And The Malicious Prosecution of Agents Ramos and Compean
For Protecting America's Borders
No Amnesty
Enforce Our Laws
Secure Our Borders
Free Agents Ramos and Compean

For more information, please contact:
Rick Biesada — Telephone: 773-771-3927

Carol Zimmerman
Project Coordinator MinnSir
Member Wake Up America USA"

Submission + - Optaros Report Catalogs 250+ Open Source Projects

mvance writes: "The Creative Commons blog recently linked to an Open Source Catalogue 2007 report prepared by a company called Optaros. The report includes a fairly comprehensive catalog and evaluation of over 250 open source projects, with an eye toward enterprise deployment. For anyone needing to evaluate or compare open source software options, the report is a great starting point.
There are many guides and catalogs for open source business software online and doubtless there are things to quibble with about Optaros' take, but having a fairly comprehensive catalog in a nice looking 45 page PDF may come in handy at IT departments worldwide. Handier still, the CC license allows customization so long as credit is given to Optaros.

Is DRM Intrinsically Distasteful? 631

jelton writes "If digital media was available for sale at a reasonable price, but subject to a DRM scheme that allowed full legitimate usage (format shifting, time shifting, playback on different devices, etc.) and only blocked illicit usage (illegal copying), would you support the usage of such a DRM scheme? Especially if it meant a wealth of readily available compatible devices? In other words, if you object to DRM schemes, is your objection based on principled or practical concerns?"

Submission + - The Power of the Hack

narramissic writes: "In the world of business software, vendors routinely offer tools to help developers customize applications. Not so in the consumer space, where TiVo and Xbox are notable exceptions. This article offers and interesting look at what companies have to gain — and lose — by embracing the hacker community."

Submission + - Microsoft Vista not so Beautiful after all...

njkid1 writes: "Microsoft has trumpeted the benefits of its upcoming Windows Vista release (combined with DirectX 10) to the gaming community, but in the casual games space some developers remain wary of the new Windows. Wild Tangent, PopCap and others chime in. 4952&ncid=AOLGAM000500000000012"

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