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Comment Re:Too little too late (Score 1) 214

Exactly, which is the direction I saw Google take. If I was going to stick to a platform that goes into a closed system direction, why not choose to go back to Apple, who makes much sexier products.
So far I'm very happy with the decision since I dig the new iPhone. iTunes is annoying but at least I don't need to have different audio players for music, audiobooks, and I don't need another app to help it decide which player should play what I last paused. Oh, and rescanning all my storage every time I added a few new songs was getting old. I really didn't see a performance degradation after I switched. I most real life situations, it is quite the opposite.

Comment Memory confused with storage on Slashdot? (Score 2) 264

I'm waiting for the Slashdot story about how obviously no one will ever need more than 640k of memory ever.

I do want to rant out about iPhone 6 memory though. 1GB is ridiculously low. They claim it was a choice to reduce battery use.
Using the gopro with 240 fps on the gopro app on a Galaxy S4 is a nightmare and I envision that it will be the same on the iPhone. Not quite sure how they plan on getting good performance even for in-phone features.

Comment (Score 2) 142

The IP will probably be revealed as being

The judge will accept it as evidence, and the jury will convict because we are still living in a society of imbeciles trying to impose on how everyone should live under the premise that they know better as a collective decider.

We are destroying basic human rights and severely punishing people simply so we can "show them a better path" in life.

It's absurd. Why can't we just close all these ineffective branches of government fighting pseudo crimes already?

Comment Asus RT-AC (Score 1) 427

I gave in and upgraded from my WRT to an ASUS router.
In the beginning it had major wireless latency issues (every 5th ping was over 100 ms) due to the broadcom wireless driver but after 6 months of complaining and getting nowhere with ASUS, they finally released a firmware that fixed the driver issues.
I really enjoy the speed now and being of 5 Ghz really helps snapping out of my overly congested neighbourhood.

Comment Re:US and UK "spreading the blame"?? (Score 1) 503

Slashdot seems to be caught up in the same disinformation campaign it is warning about.


The matter of fact remains simple no matter who is at fault for this incident. There should not be a war there. But there is and Russia is to blame because they started it when they lost their puppet government.

Comment Re:Wrong priority! (Score 1) 503

Well, that's the only thing that he thinks he can do these days. Illegally I might add. Killing US Citizens abroad without due process seems to be his only jump-to-conclusion square.

What he should worry about is how does something like this happen a day after he expanded economic sanctions. Some awful oligarch who doesn't feel he stole everything he could have from the Ukrainians is retaliating over it.

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